Sky Sports News: Forever Putting Sevco First

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A minor rant this, as compared to others.

Tonight, Sky Sports website is running an article entitled “Rangers and Celtic kept apart.”

Now, even if you accept that there’s a club out there called Rangers – which, as you’ll know, I certainly don’t – there are more than a few things wrong with that headline.

But then, Sky always put Sevco first.

They pioneered the “bedside interview.”

They sent their man White to South Africa to bow at the feet of the King.

They lap up every press conference from the Man with the Magic Hat, and they’re all over themselves every time the glib and shameless one opens his arse cheeks for a fart.

Where do they get off with a headline like that, though?

The last time I looked C was before S (and R) in the alphabet. The last I checked we were reigning champions in the SPL. We have a bigger stadium, better looking players, a manager who can still do push ups, a stack of money to spend and directors who haven’t been subject to criminal investigation far less prosecution.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, we’re an entire league division higher than they are.

Still, Sky Sports puts them first.


To annoy people like me?

Which is to say nothing for the one salient point they seem to have missed in all this … that the club they’re talking about isn’t even through yet … after failing to win at home.

Perhaps I’m the only person who gets angry about nonsense like this, but I would think the followers of the Ruby Park side are pretty cheesed off as well, and at the very least Sky owes Kilmarnock FC a huge apology for so completely disregarding them.

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