Sevco Fans Get What They Want But They Aren’t Going To Want What They Get

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Well there you have it.

Sevco fans have spent the last couple of years praying they avoid this, but over the weekend they’ve suddenly decided they fancy their chances.

Foolish, foolish arrogant arses.

No set of fans was ever so desperate for the shattering of their delusions of grandeur.

What’s that old saying again?

Oh yes, it goes like this ….

When the God’s wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.

Tell me something; doubts about the manager aside, why should we fear this tie?

The day when a Celtic team is afraid of a 36 year old Kenny Miller, a bunch of free transfers and journeymen … well that’s a bad, bad day indeed … and it’s not this one.

I do watch this rag-tag team of theirs from time to time, mainly in a quest to separate media fact from fiction. They had a good day yesterday, but it helps when the opposition switches off not once but twice and gives you a goal of a start in the half.

If yesterday’s performance was a decent enough one, think of it as the equivalent of our 8-1 win over Hamilton; a one day adrenaline rush, forgotten quickly in a morass of crap football and diabolical displays.

And they have been diabolical.

If our form is patchy, and it is, what can you say about theirs, against part time players and semi-pro teams?

Forget the media hype these guys get; it isn’t even remotely justified.

Yet even if they were as good as they think they are, we should take a look at our own team and ask this question; is there a single player in the whole of the Celtic squad who wouldn’t walk into their starting eleven?

And is there a player in their team who would get into ours?

And you know what?

The answer to both questions is no.

Deep down, their supporters know this by the way. Those who are gleeful about this prospect won’t be for much longer and the closer we get to the game the more the scales are going to fall off their eyes and they’re going to start to sweat.

They should. They really should. When we’ve shown up for business this season we’ve been excellent and I cannot imagine a better occasion for a lot of people at our club to grab the opportunity to demonstrate their worth.

We can discuss stuff like team selection and tactics before the game, but for now I am going to say that this is a good day for us. Because this really is the best draw we could have got. Any other would have been a potential banana skin where out tendency to take matters too lightly could have gotten the best of us.

Not so here. If this doesn’t motivate people to perform at the very top of their game then frankly I don’t know what will.

We’re going to the Scottish Cup Final.

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