Idiotic Tactical Decision Almost Costs Us More Than Just Points

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Man oh man, what a disaster that almost was.

Let me tell you right now, I’m in no mood to give any credit after that.

Ronny Deila deserves none, and it’s a simple as that.

But for Rogic’s magnificent goal, this would have been a potentially disastrous day.

You know something? I take back none of what I said about The Art of War and the reasons we’ll beat Sevco. It all still stands. They are a bad lot with a manager who’s nowhere near the genius he thinks he is.

The fact he thinks we’re not worth watching makes him a danger to himself and that’s why we’ll get the better of them. Had he been in the stands today he’d have learned plenty … that he’s chosen not to bother is arrogant at best and rank stupidity at worst.

But nowhere did I suggest that Ronny Deila was a tactical genius. He’s not and we all know he’s not. He might have read the book and learned a few things, but much of it is alien to the way he approaches football matches, although the initial promise that we would be “faster, fitter, stronger” sounded great.

Today, in keeping with the maxims in that book, he sprung a surprise on friend and foe alike, but it wasn’t the one we all thought it was, wherein he played two up front. No, instead he stuck Kazim Richards in the middle.

Our proven goal scorer was stuck out wide.

What a lamentable, diabolical, idiotic decision that was.

Oh boy, it almost cost us.

This is a shining example of someone trying something new, with no idea if it’ll work or not, heedless of the consequences. Any reasonably intelligent observer of our team could have told him the answer.

Griffiths has carried this team all through the season and to stick him on the wing in the way our manager did was to nullify the threat he poses.

Today we saw what would happen if he wasn’t in the side.

He might as well not have been.

It’s a long time since I was as angry as I was with two minutes to go today. Our tactics today were an act of self harm and the late winner is a spectacular moment of sheer luck which should never distract us from the simple fact that we were within a minute of real trouble.

Today the manager got out of jail. We all did.

A last minute winner is usually a cause for euphoria.

I am relieved, and happy that we’ve got the three points. But that was a shocker today, and the manager’s decision making has to be seriously called into question … and he lucked out big time.

Not good enough. Not by miles.

One of the worst and stupidest decisions I’ve ever seen from a Celtic manager, and watching him take applause at the end of that game, when his tactical ineptness almost cost us was, frankly, embarrassing.

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