Barmy Sevco Site Criticises Ex-Celtic Players For Mentioning Their Cup Semi-Final Opponents

Image for Barmy Sevco Site Criticises Ex-Celtic Players For Mentioning Their Cup Semi-Final Opponents


Oh man oh man, this is the best one yet …

So obsessed are some Sevco sites with the idea that people are obsessed with their club that they’ll mount any ridiculous argument in support of that view.

Tonight I’ve heard the best one yet; our ex-players are obsessed with their club … because they mentioned it when discussing Sunday’s coming Scottish Cup semi-final.

Tell me this; how do you discuss a cup semi-final by only mentioning one team?

Are these people serious?

Or are they just lunatics?

I think we tolerate a lot, living in the same country as some of these delirious fools, but surely this is going too far

Surely this is taking ridiculousness to heights we shouldn’t have to put up with?

When you can’t discuss a cup semi-final match where they are one of the teams without being accused of having an “obsession” they really are sniffing more than their own armpits.

What next?

Will it be obsession to mention the SPL now they’ve managed to claw their way into it?

Can we still discuss clubs that have been liquidated without mentioning Rangers?

Or should we just ignore them completely?

You know how they love it when people do that.

(Actually they wail ever more loudly, so it’s a case of “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.)

Their over-pumped sense of self-importance is becoming self-parody instead. Do they even know how this makes the world view them? These people should be in a secure unit, for their own good. There’s no place for them in the real world.

This same website was claiming an “historic season” earlier in the week. Last month it was leading those Sevco sites calling for a boycott of every SPL ground. Last year, in a swoop to the gutter that absolutely took the breath away, it published an inflammatory and potentially libellous editorial on child abuse.

They are used to scraping the sewer, in other words.

But the closer we get to Sunday’s game the more rabid its writings become.

This is a new one though.

This one reads more like a self-directed piss take.

If only I believed that it was.

Sadly, these Peepul are very, very serious.

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