Laughable Sevco Fan Site Makes Bizarre Claim About A “Unique” Season

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Ever anxious to make even the most basic triumph seem like a Champions League win, Sevco fans have been giving us good reasons to snigger since their club was formed in 2012.

Today, one of their fan sites took self parody to a whole new level when they claimed a “unique” accomplishment; being the first club in Scotland to “compete” for the lower league treble.

That these morons think winning the Championship and the Petrofac Cup is a major success says plenty in it itself.

It’s pretty pitiful, after all.

To me it suggests even they don’t believe the Survival Myth; imagine the supporters of Rangers, the club that once boasted of having a team for Europe and another for Scotland, actually celebrating winning the Challenge Cup, which was a competition half of their fans probably didn’t even know existed.

Talk about being stripped of ambition.

Talk about being shorn of your dignity.

This was the second tier title. This is celebrating winning the third tier cup. At the fourth time of asking.

This is poor stuff, absolutely reeking of desperation and the need to seem important, and of course the media helps by indulging in this nonsense like it really was something special.

For the record, no fewer than three teams have won this “unique” double in front of them; Falkirk, St Mirren and Inverness Callie Thistle. Of those three, Inverness, in 2003, reached exactly the same round of the Scottish Cup as Sevco are in at present – the semi-finals – and were beaten by Dunfermline.

So that’s hardly “unique” either.

That 46,000 of their fans turned up to watch that final yesterday tells me how starved of success and good news the Sevco supporters are at the moment. That so many of them are getting carried away, in the words of Chris Sutton, by winning a title that should have been a matter of routine for a club with the second biggest wage bill in Scotland, is incredible.

But this kind of garbage, saying they’re on the verge of a “historical record to seize a chance at a unique treble which will probably never be repeated by any club, and which Rangers were, naturally, the first team in Scotland to have an opportunity at …” is hilarious.

Factually inaccurate, grammatically shambolic, hyperbolic nonsense … it really does plumb new depths.

Tonight the same site as posted this lunacy has another article headlined “Warburton & Weir’s Radical Approach To Youth.”

It’s certainly radical, alright, as we revealed here last week; they are currently tenth in the Development League, which, as a result, the manager wants to see scrapped.

It’s a competition Sevco has never won and which Rangers hadn’t won since 2007.

Yet deep in their recesses of their tiny minds, a lot of their supporters really do believe that a moonbeam of success is right around the corner. In the meantime, Dodgy Dave prepares to send out the season ticket renewal forms, and the PR arm at Level 5, with its contacts all over the Scottish media, continues to pump out the propaganda.

Instead of being embarrassed almost beyond words, their fans are milking the moment for all that it’s worth. Which isn’t much.

You can fool some of the Peepul all of the time it seems.

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