The Many Reasons Lawwell Has To Go

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The other day, I posted an article called The Many Reasons Deila Has To Go.

You can consider this Part Two of that article if you wish, or as a standalone piece, but I consider the problems at Celtic Park to be linked to both offices and it was my intention to make these articles point and counterpoint.

You cannot solve this problem by sacking Ronny alone.

Peter Lawwell has been at Celtic for over a decade now. I have not always thought of him in the way I do at the moment. In August 2014 I wrote a lengthy article for On Fields Of Green laying out the history he has with the club, and the success of the early part of his tenure, but ultimately concluding that he was leading us in the wrong direction.

(That article can be read clicking here.)

There are now few Celtic fans who would argue that he’s a negative presence at Celtic Park. His remit has expanded in line with his salary. Things at the club haven’t improved as a result. In fact, we’ve gone backwards at a rapid, and frightening, rate.

These are the areas where he has failed. These are the reasons that he must depart with Ronny Deila. Without it, there’s little point in us sacking the Norwegian because all we’ll get is another Yes man and more of the same mediocrity.

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