The Men Who Shouldn’t Be In The Running For The Celtic Job

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So we’re effectively in the moment of  “Sede Vacante”.

The throne is empty. Who’s next to fill it?

With Deila’s departure now confirmed, albeit delayed, I can, at long last, take a look at some of the people whose names are going to be mentioned in relation to this job.

There are good candidates out there; I’ll go over them in another piece.

But there are bad candidates out there too, people who would take us down blind alleys instead of confidently forward.

Some of them have great names, but when you look beneath that what you find isn’t the requisite experience or skill to be Celtic boss.

We’ve been down that bad road too often.

Some will disagree with this, but Lawwell’s record in appointing managers is abysmal and in my view we got the last three colossally wrong.

Two of them I agreed with at the time, when others were telling me it was insanity.

One I disagreed with from the start, and did until the day he left.

That one will surprise you, but I’ll cover the reasons why on the next page, because he’s first to be featured.

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