As Rodgers Holds Celtic Talks The Message Is “Come On Desmond! Bring Brendan Home!”

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Brendan Rodgers

Today Brendan Rodgers has held talks with Celtic, for the second time, over the vacant manager’s job at our club.

As regular readers will know, he’s been my number one choice since the start.

The way his teams play football, the way he speaks with conviction and passion and love for our club, it’s all part of why I think he is the best possible choice.

Brendan Rodgers is Box Office. He is perfect for this post.

Rumours swept Glasgow last week that he’d been in talks. That is now confirmed.

This appears to be a second stage of negotiations; he is now the clear favourite and the club’s number one target. He will have asked for money. He will have sought guarantees. He will want total control over football operations.

He should get everything he wants and more.

This is the sort of name that will excite the fans, that will drive season ticket sales, that will give us all something to be cheerful about … and it will strike fear into all those who think trying to sign a couple of former EPL hard men will be enough to catch us.

This is still early days, but this is the best news to emerge during the managerial hunt for a while.

Crucially, Sky says that neither Lambert nor Moyes has been interviewed although Malky Mackay has.

I have to say, the prospect of him being appointed fills me with dread and not only because he’s done nothing to justify it in his career thus far. His abhorrent behaviour whilst at Cardiff, all of which is part of the public record, makes him grossly unsuited to the post.

Of course, shocking personal issues made no difference to our signing Colin Kazim-Richards and Ian Livingston remains on the board despite his voting to take money from society’s most vulnerable people, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that some on the board think opening talks with a misogynist and racist is something we should be doing, but anyone who read those messages knows Mackay shouldn’t be allowed in football far less at Celtic Park.

Next to him, anyone looks like a half decent appointment … but Rodgers was out on his own anyway, as a class act and a genuine leader whose teams play fantastic football and whose passion for Celtic is a well-known fact.

He is not only the best choice, he is the only choice here.

Come on Dermot, bring him home.

This is the one we’ve been waiting for.

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