Date: 20th May 2016 at 5:35pm
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Today Celtic answered the questions of our support, and the wishes of many thousands of our fans, with the appointment of Brendan Rodgers as our manager for next season.

This move is astonishing in its audacity and ambition.

It is the sign that we were all hoping, and praying, for.

It is a massively aggressive move, revealing an intention at this club to maintain our dominance over the Scottish game for years to come and offering the clearest indication we’ve had in years that Celtic hasn’t yet given up on the European stage.

Brendan Rodgers was my first choice as boss.

He was at the very top of the wish-list, and to say that I am delighted about this is, I have to say, a gross understatement.

This is the miracle appointment, the one I wanted but didn’t even dare to properly dream about until earlier this week.

This is a sign that we see ourselves as big players again.

There’s nothing about this appointment that isn’t quality. There’s nothing about it that doesn’t make me happy, and enthusiastic, about next season. It’s the appointment that re-affirms our intent, that announces that changes are coming at every level at Celtic Park.

It is a triumph for this Family and immense credit has to go to everyone – and I mean everyone – at Celtic Park not only for going for it here but getting it over the line.

Celtic is a special football club.

We all know that.

Brendan Rodgers knew that, or he wouldn’t have committed his future to us.

Much will be made – in the media – of the one year “rolling contract” nature of the deal; this is no different to that which was given to Martin O’Neill and to Gordon Strachan after him. It is not a cause for concern.

Celtic can fulfil all Brendan Rodgers ambitions in football.

This is a club where he can come and not only accomplish things in the short to medium term but where he can actually do something that will resonate down our history. Someone told me last night they thought he’d stay for three years. And then what? Depart with ten-in-a-row and immortality in his sights?

I think not.

Brendan knows what’s at the end of the long haul.

I expect, if things go well, that the media will try and link him to every job out there.

I also expect him to be here every step of the way.

Celtic have clearly realised that things had to change.

This is one of those epochal appointments which simply transforms the landscape and makes all the realities we thought we knew stand on their heads. Our club knew it had to get this right but it has gone above and beyond our expectations.

They have not settled for lesser men, or for half measures.

They’ve gone for a guy out of the top drawer and today they’ve got their man.

The timing of it was perfect too.

This is the only story that matters in Scottish football this weekend. It will dominate the headlines all the way until Monday, when the official unveiling is expected to take place at Celtic Park.

It is a masterful move.

We’re in a new and exciting era, friends.

Welcome, Brendan Rodgers, to the greatest club in world football.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.