Sevco’s Latest Statement Is Appalling, Inflammatory And Brings The Game Into Disrepute

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Tonight Sevco pandered to the worst elements of their support – the absolute gutter, lunatic fringe – with a statement so insanely unhinged that it takes the breath away.

You can read it on their official website here, or wait for a full transcript to be published elsewhere.

Everyone needs to though, to understand how shocking it is.

It is a scandalous statement, bitter, spiteful, aggressive and dangerous.

It is quite simply the most appalling official notice ever released by a football club in Scotland.

For one thing, it is a tissue of falsehoods.

The SFA, the and Hibs have been accused of not condemning the behaviour of the Hibs fans.

This is a barefaced lie.

But lying is the least of it.

This statement fans the flames. It levels baseless allegations not only at the fans of Hibs but all followers of Scottish football.

It echoes the insanity of last night’s comments on their fan forums, but goes much further.

It actually suggests that the gutter behaviour of its supporters was intended to “protect” its players and shamefully, and incredibly, says that “Any club’s supporters would have done the same. .”

It elevates the Victim Myth to staggering, and unpardonable heights.

It attacks Hibs chairman.

It attacks the SFA.

It attacks the media.

It is attacks the fans of Motherwell.

It attacks the fans of other clubs.

It attacks the Scottish government.

It suggests that Sevco fans are in danger everywhere they go.

(I am not even remotely kidding.)

The only people who were blameless yesterday, if you believe this staggering statement, are their own supporters who for a full 90 minutes belted out sectarian songs, who released a smoke bomb (and this site has history attacking Celtic fans who’ve done the same, so don’t even start if you’re a Sevco fan who thinks that’s worth having a bitch about) and who Hibs fans and police.

Any person who witnessed those scenes yesterday can see, clearly, the behaviour of the thuggish element of their support.

The aggressive tone of the statement will do nothing to distract people from that fact.

In fact, so over the top are the words that one cannot help but look at the club itself in jaw-dropping horror and wonder if those inside it share much of the same damaged, deranged mentality that the uglier elements in their crowd clearly demonstrated.

This is a scattergun assault which would not have been out of place in the sewer of Vanguard Bears.

I have never read anything quite like it in my life.

It unquestionably brings the game into disrepute.

I don’t know who penned this lunatic screed, this to the lowest common denominator, whether it was someone inside Ibrox or someone at Level 5, but it is breathtakingly bad and an of the paranoid fantasies of some of their worst element.

This club is an embarrassment to Scottish football.

All those who’ve spent the last couple of years telling we should be looking to them playing in the top flight … this is precisely why the prospect appals most of us.

The arrogance, ego, disconnect from and shameful pandering to their own orchestra of hate is monumentally on display in the words of their own official this evening.

In all my time watching Scottish football, in all my time writing about it, I cannot remember a more deplorable communique being issued through official channels.

This can’t be allowed to stand.

This statement goes much too far.

Whoever drafted it is a dangerous lunatic.

Everyone who agreed that it should be published is deranged.

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