St Mirren Fans Didn’t Appreciate Giving Sevco A Guard Of Honour Today. No Wonder.

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St Mirren players celebrate after beating Celtic

St Mirren fans made their feelings clear when their side gave Sevco a guard of honour today.

Many of them booed. This is hardly surprising. Although the guard of honour has become something of a tradition in Scottish football – a stupid and un-necessary one, in my view – this is the third game straight that Sevco has got one.

What’s with that? If the season went on longer, would they have got one every week? How many clubs gave Hearts one last season? What a joke.

St Mirren fans reacted as many of us would. Who suggested this to the St Mirren board and manager? Who thought it was a good idea?

Hasn’t Scottish football paid this mob enough homage this season? I was going to use the word respect, but it doesn’t apply here. This was sycophantic sucking up, and nothing more. When do the rest of our clubs get a grip instead of dropping to their knees in front of this lot? It’s tiresome, and it’s insulting to other clubs and managers.

Sevco failed to win today. The media is making excuses and saying they’ve taken their foot off the gas since the cup semi-final. Was their foot on the gas in the run up to that? I seem to remember dismal displays and lots of goals conceded. Perhaps they’ll say they’ve taken their foot off the gas since they won the title. Did Hearts last year? Do other clubs who’ve wrapped the league up in a bow? Or is Sevco just not as good as everyone says?

The Championship season is over. It ends with Sevco having dropped points in eleven games, including five losses. Is that great form? Dropping points in a third of your matches, some of them against part time teams? Will Hearts be worried? Will Aberdeen?

Why do I have my doubts?

They’ve won the title by 11 points.

Whatever their media lackies might say, this is a reflection on the poverty of the opposition as much as their own abilities.

Sounds familiar, right?

Except the media does say that about us, and it’s cost the manager his job as a result. Hibs, who were their closest challengers until February, collapsed entirely; they’ve finished third and the Premier League return now looks like a forlorn hope for them.

It continues to be infuriating that this team beat us. They’re no great shakes, as anyone who’s watched them can tell. It’s right that defeat in that game has been costly for people inside Celtic Park, and we all hope that our club reacts positively to it.

But this fawning over the Ibrox NewCo continues apace elsewhere. If next season starts with another guard of honour don’t be at all surprised.

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