Why Sevco Matters

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I’m writing this article because I’m tired.

I’m tired of whiny bitches moaning and grumping and complaining about the fact that this website occasionally mentions the club across this city. I’m writing this to set some things straight because I’m bored and fed up answering the same point over and over and over again to stupid people.

Yes, you know who you are. The ones who are saying “What’s this got to do with Celtic?”

Some of you may even be muttering the O word under your breath.

Congratulations, because it was you that word was invented for, invented by Sevco fans who wanted to close down any conversation about what their club is, what it’s predecessor was and what it did. Apart from that, it’s lazy and offers the debate equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and going “na-na-na-na-na-na.” I thought Celtic fans were, by and large, more intelligent than that. I thought they understood what that word was.

That word is their word.

That some of you are so frequently using it is their victory, but only over you.

Some of us know what we’re doing, and why.

Some of us know that a talking dog would draw an audience, that people do slow down to look at an accident, that not all attention is admiring or envious or respectful.

Some of it is of the “OMG look at the state of that …” variety.

They think this is obsession, and it is. It’s their own self-obsession. Their own self-delusion, that the world fears them or is jealous of them, that they count more than they do.

That they are somehow important.

Aaaah I said Sevco matters … not that they are imporant.

That’s a crucial difference.

I’m going to tell you why Sevco matters.

If you’re already moaning something tells me you should have stopped reading at the headline. If you’re shaking your head you should be looking in the mirror, because the subject matter was clear beforehand. So wail to yourself, not to me. I don’t want to hear it.

If you’re still reading on, thanks. This is for you.

Sevco matters. Issues at that club matter.

They matter to everyone in Scottish football, but Celtic fans most of all, because Sevco rose from the ashes of Rangers and that club used to matter to us very much. Because it cheated and stole and doped its way to league titles, and anyone who says they don’t care about that in my view is a goddamned liar. Simple as that.

Sevco matters because it claims that tainted history.

It matters because it benefited from dumping the debt.

It matters because it’s fawned over by the media, to the detriment of every other club in Scotland.

When I posted an article last night on why they were given their third guard of honour in a row that matters, and it should matter to everyone, because it’s the same old double standard, the same treating that club differently from every other in the land, and that led to the Victim Myth and the Survival Myth and all the lies and bullshit that flowed from it.

You’re kidding yourself if you think that doesn’t matter.

Sevco’s manager matters.

The treatment he gets from the media is wholly different than that which a Celtic manager gets. Ronny Deila was the architect of his own downfall, but the media was against him before he’d even managed a game and it made his time here tougher, by far, than it had to be. If you think the way they fawn over Warburton isn’t connected to the way they lacerate Ronny then you need to stop and think for a minute about how one impacts on the other.

Pressure can destroy managers. It can destroy football clubs.

We are always under pressure. They never are.

Whether you like it or not, that matters.

For decades as I was growing up, the entire footballing structure in Scotland was unduly influenced by one club, and it wasn’t ours. That affected everything. The bank which financed them almost closed us down. The association they had influence in refused to register one of our players. In later years it said they didn’t have to properly register their own for them to be able to take the field. That mattered then, and that matters now and as long as Sevco bears their name that club matters as a result, because given the chance they’d do it all again.

Their control over the media, and the way they are portrayed, remains strong.

Given a chance, they will use it against us every chance they get. Our only weapon is to hit back at every lie, every mistruth, every half-truth. To expose as much as we can. To correct every misconception. To challenge them at every step of the way.

If you read this blog regularly you’ll know I give the same scrutiny to Celtic, that I’m not pleased with the people running things at our club, that I want it to be better and that I know it can be better. But I can keep my eye on that without taking it off what happens elsewhere.

Next season, they’ll be playing in the SPL.

That means acres of flattering media coverage and contrasting images at Celtic.

It means the Honest Mistakes quotient going through the roof.

It means their influence will grow, unless it’s checked at every stage.

That matters, to all of us, whether you believe it or not, whether you like it or not, and as long as it does myself and others are going to keep writing about it.

But you don’t have to read it.

And you certainly don’t have to comment on it like schoolchildren scribbling on a toilet wall.

This blog and others will continue to fight the media’s lies with the truth, to analyse their biased coverage of all clubs in Scotland, but particularly this one and because no word is written about us in that media without some mention of them we’re going to continue to keep a very close eye on what goes on ever there.

It’s a dirty job (and I have the inbox full of bile to prove it) but someone has to do it.

If you don’t like it, feel free not to read it.

Because I’m through arguing with you about it.

I’m through listening to you blubbering.

And I’m definitely through dealing with Celtic fans using the language of Sevconia, and they word they invented, to attack fellow Celtic fans.

That “embarrassment” so many of you tell me you feel when you read stuff about them here … that’s called The Cringe and that they can move you to it with a single word tells me you probably still belong at the back of the bus. Sit there as you like. Enjoy the view.

I won’t even engage with that any longer.

If you’re insecure about your identity don’t try and pass that crap onto me.

Celtic means everything to me.

I’ll fight for it, and defend it, against all comers and I know who’s coming over the horizon.

Rangers corrupted Scottish football.

Sevco and their tax cheat owner continues in that “tradition” … and we know what those “traditions” have done to Scottish society over the years.

That matters, and so Sevco matters.

Which isn’t to say everything I write will be serious.

Because at times there’s just no taking them seriously. They are a freak show. A car crash. A two headed cat that has no right to live but somehow does, and so much of the coverage will be mocking. Contemptuous. Sneering. Gloating. Laughing.

Because that’s what they deserve, and as this site occasionally picks over the scabs of our own trials and tribulations I consider such articles light relief. Comedy if you will, because if there’s one thing their four years in existence has been good for it’s been for a laugh.

I just wanted to get that straight tonight.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what I do, and why I do it, out there … and one last time, I want to clear it up.

To those of you who get it, or agree, thanks for sticking with me here.

Onwards and upwards guys and gals.

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