A Quiet Week On Resolution 12 But The SFA Still Has Much To Fear

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For those who’ve been wondering why things have fallen silent on the subject of Resolution 12, be assured that although the public war of words with The Guardian has ended for now that things continue to happen in private and the issue is moving forward as before.

This  has not gone away and don’t let anyone tell you that it has.

Inside the campaign, there is still a lot of directed at The Guardian, who’s of last week can only be guessed at (and myself and others have made some pretty well educated guesses) but the paper proven liars in the way they misrepresented the situation with the ad copy.

As CQN revealed, in detail, Roy Greenslade’s assertion that the paper received the ad n French is a complete (and provable) falsehood which casts a dark shadow over his credibility.

The guys will update the fans sometime over the next couple of days, but all eyes need to be on the big picture here; the SFA has been forced to react,

UEFA know who the campaign guys and what the bone of contention is.

They know what’s been going on.

There certain facts here and they are undisputed.

  • The SFA had a duty of care to every other club in the land to make sure that Rangers were eligible for the European license they got in 2011-12. They failed in that duty and other clubs were disadvantaged as a result of that.
  • Rangers had a tax bill in their files. They had a demand for payment in their files. They had a from their own lawyer telling them they had better pay up, not least because HMRC knew they had lied about the bill in question.
  • That bill remained unpaid when sheriff officers served the club with a final demand in July.
  • They returned a few months later.
  • By December, the SFA knew the club was going to go into administration, probably worse. The bill, and many others, remained unpaid.
  • The bill was still unpaid in February when the club did enter administration.
  • The bill remains unpaid to this day. It was one of many debts that was swallowed up in the liquidation. The taxpayer will be lucky to see pennies in the pound.

That this license was granted before the club could demonstrate that they’d paid that bill is a scandal enough. That the SFA never bothered to seek clarification on whether it had been paid all the way through the Whyte era is a diabolical disgrace of huge magnitude, and who’s significance is only now becoming clear.

Two further UEFA deadlines came, and went, without them asking the most simple questions, and although they trying to disavow responsibility for that (which effectively blames the club for not disclosing the information to them) they can’t skate away so easily.

Don’t let anyone tell you this issue is about Sevco or Rangers. They touched by it, and the OldCo’s shocking decision to with-hold

It never was and never will be. The people the Resolution 12 guys after all have offices at Hampden and the focus has always been on them and how they handled their business.

They need not think that a week of relative quiet means this has gone away.

That would be the worst kind of wishful thinking.

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