Are Brendan’s Next Two Signings On The Way?

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I don’t usually enjoy transfer rumours, but there are a couple that are just too widespread to be only that. Brendan has already secured an exceptional first signing in Moussa Dembele; is he about to add another two fine players to the ranks?

Rumours continue to link us with Scott Sinclair.

These appear to be more than simple transfer-window tittle-tattle. Rodgers knows the player, and the word from England was that talks were very much ongoing although our initial offer for him had been turned down. The word now is that we’ve upped it and we’re in advanced negotiations.

The media has been full of its usual nonsense, giving us a plethora of stories about why this deal won’t be done, mostly revolving around the alleged fee the player would command, but those tales seem wide of the mark. The asking price is nearer £2 million than the £6 million the hacks here would have you believe. For a player of his talents that’s a steal.

I’ve read one or two people actually question that. They shouldn’t be concerned. He’s a fantastic footballer and Rodgers knows his qualities well and can get the best out of him. He plays in a position where we most definitely need some flair. He brings that in abundance and when utilised right he’ll score goals too.

If he’s really on the way that’s a good sign. Along with bringing Dembele to the club it’s a statement on intent I can only applaud wildly.

The other player we’re linked with is Shane Duffy, who I think is an excellent player in spite of his moment of madness against France. In truth, there’s not a lot he could have done. He was caught cold by a fantastic pass and was beaten by a world class player who would have placed the ball easily into the net and that would have been that. Faced with an impossible choice he did what he had to do. I felt dreadfully sorry for him.

That aside, at just 24 he’s been playing at a very high level for a while now and has all the qualities we require as we go into the Champions League qualifiers. I hope we can do this deal – and the Sinclair – in time for those matches.

Also, don’t rule out Joe Allen making an appearance in the Hoops.

He’s in the last year of his contract, so talk of Liverpool demanding, or having a chance of getting, £10 million for him is largely nonsense. Half of that would secure his signing, if Rodgers believes it’s worth spending that sum on another central midfielder considering how many we already have.

If rumours are to be believed though, a few midfielders will depart before long.

That would free up the space in the squad and give the manager even more cash with which to go and purchase a quality addition to that area. Allen ticks every box. He is a fantastic footballer as his spell at the Euros clearly showed. No-one would complain if he arrived too.

These are exciting times for the fans. I had wondered why we hadn’t seen signings before now, but it’s clear that Brendan wanted a look at the squad first. Having done so, he knows now where we need to strengthen and where he thinks we’re alright.

Now that his team building is underway, I expect it to speed up significantly.

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks.

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