England Ex-It, Hodgson Chucks It & Warbo Fails To Make It

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Tonight England followed up Brexit with Ex-It, their manager quit and Brendan Rodgers was instantly installed as one of the favourites for the vacant managers post, a sure sign of how highly rated the Celtic boss is south of the border.

Sadly for the commentators they’re stuck with the likes of Gareth Southgate, Harry Redknapp, Gary Neville and all the rest of the Usual Suspects, especially as they appear to have ruled out the appointment of a “foreigner” at this crucial time in their political history.

Which is ironic as they’ll spend the whole of this summer paying obscene fees for them.

The search for a new boss will, alas, not be taking them to Ibrox, where one of their own is forging a reputation as a loser of cup finals, a serial moaner and a spitter of dummies. Yes, that’s right, Mark Warburton is incredibly not on any of the bookies lists as a candidate for the job.

Yet how can this be? Isn’t he one of England’s “best young coaches”? In his fifties, I grant you, but that’s the media narrative up here.

I find it unusual that the Celtic boss who has “won nothing in his career” can be on those lists and a guy who has won a lower league title and a Petrofac Cup hasn’t been included. Don’t these honours matter south of the border?

This is clearly anti-Sevco bias working its way into the English FA as it corrupted the Scottish one, local government, the Holyrood Assembly and other centres of power. If you were watching the game tonight you’ll also have seen the referee make a provocative gesture when he made the Sign of the Cross as he blew the full-time whistle … clearly a signal to those in the stands who wanted to leak these lists so as to disrupt Sevco’s pre-season.

A major inquest has already been launched into why England were beaten by a country which exports volcanic ash and was named after a budget supermarket chain. A separate inquiry will have to focus on how the finest English born boss of his generation can be so shamefully left out of the thinking whilst an underachieving one now at Celtic is counted amongst those most favoured by the media. Of course, that’s not the Scottish media.

They are too busy printing every utterance from Joey Barton, and the nonsense of Lee Wallace tonight, where he says that the champions of Scotland are “playing catch-up.”

This has been a pretty decent night as it turns out!

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