Today the SPFL has elected its new board, and in spite of the obvious hopes of a few people some weeks ago, it continues to have a profoundly anti-Sevco taint to it, which should be worth thinking about as we go into the new season, and one where the Ibrox club’s financial situation will more and more become a factor.

Let’s look back; the SPL voted 10-2 in favour of refusing Sevco’s entry to that league four years ago. That was a major victory for Scottish football. In the interim, the league bodies were combined into one. This offered a possibility that Sevco could claw their way back up the power structure, building alliances as they went. That now looks forlorn.

If we consider the possibility of another administration event at Ibrox, what could we expect the current SPFL board to do about that?

To answer that question it’s worth looking at  who’s on the board, and what the respective clubs did last time.