Jozo’s Classy Open Letter To The Fans Calls Out The Lying Hacks

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has called out the today with a wonderful, forthright and optimistic open letter, on Twitter, to the Celtic supporters where he declares that there were no problems whatsoever with his medical and that he’s fit and raring to go.

Jozo is a class act.

If you saw him getting interviewed on yesterday you’ll have noticed how humble and giving of his he was. He can’t have been having the best day of his life, but he was coping well with a lot of uncertainty and felt very relaxed about the idea of returning to Celtic if he had to, and vowed to give his all.

He’s repeated that today, with his message to the Troops In the Hoops.

Yesterday I wrote two articles on the lies that were being spread about him, right here in Scotland, from The and their so-called “chief sports reporter.” When you have someone writing dreck that’s one thing; when they continue to write it after every other party involved in the negotiations has confirmed that it’s lies … that takes some brass neck.

Odd that the paper has not commented on the latest remarks out of Aston Villa, which have, again, sought to clarify matters in relation to Joleon Lescott, effectively accusing Sevco’s manager Mark Warburton of continuing to spread nonsense about that even when it has been exposed as such. Bear in mind that Warburton said the player is not in Scotland because Lescott didn’t want to uproot his family. Presumably they have some kind of embedded community link to Athens, as that’s where he’s ended up.

Obvious lies like that – as well as those which still persist in relation to the Scottish Cup Final – go unchallenged in that paper. Others get spread around. It makes you wonder what, or who’s, agenda is being served here, and what the endgame is.

Jozo has returned to the club, and I don’t know a single fan who’s not happy about that outcome. He was signed for good money and that there’s been clear interest from Italy should convince any doubters that he’s got something to offer.

On top of that, he’s now got something to prove and not only to the Scottish hacks. He’s got something to prove to the manager and to the fans, and to give him even more credit he’s not shirking that but is getting ready to embrace it.

We’ve got a model pro here.

He says his injury worries are behind him and he’s good to go, and I look forward to seeing him get the chance.

Welcome back, Jozo.

Go on now, big man, and show us what you can do.


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