Sevco In The Semi: A Chance To Put Another Dent In The Old Firm Farce

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Sevco will play Celtic in the Scottish League Cup Semi-Final, at Hampden, which give us the opportunity to end put a major dent in their season.

The game will be played on the weekend of 22 October.

It’s the one most of us wanted, a chance to end the so-called Old Firm farce by pushing Warburton a step closer to losing his job and the King revolution to the brink of collapse.

So this is it, then, a chance to avenge last season’s nonsensical defeat. We will go into the game high on confidence and ready to inflict serious damage on them. If we win (and of course we should) there will be real pressure – not a few media comments, but the kind that transforms clubs – on the board and the management team at Ibrox.

Celtic’s season isn’t hanging in the balance with this one.

We are expected to win the title, and with our current lead we’re in very good shape to do so. It’s Sevco who need this more, because to be out of one of the cup competitions as well as nowhere in the title race would leave them dependent on the Scottish Cup to keep their interest level high.

They are almost out of time. Their season could be on the brink before we travel to Ibrox, making that an even more combustible fixture than before. Surely some common sense has to break out there, and have the scheduling of that one changed to after New Year?

Leigh Griffiths is almost back to fitness, which means we should have more options available to us than we did at Celtic Park. My one concern was that we have a Champions League tie in the midweek before the game but that’s been eased somewhat because it’s the home tie against Borussia Monchengladbach.

If it was an away tie, I’d be a little nervier.

We really couldn’t have asked for better than this. I wanted this tie for more than just the opportunity to spank them and drive a wrecking ball through the Warburton era. Had it been Morton I’d have been a little more inclined to sweat; that’s not me having a pop at Sevco, by the way. We do tend to look shaky, at Hampden, against those kind of teams. It’s better that we have one that will focus the minds and which Brendan will treat with gravity.

So yes, overall a good couple of days. Brendan is one step closer to having his hands on a trophy and that’s got to be motivation enough.

Enjoy your night, friends.

More on this one tomorrow.

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