Warburton Thinks The Gap’s Shrunk, Gilks Thinks They Outplayed Us. What Planet Are They On?

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Interesting comments out of SevcoLand last night.

We know what we watched; what I described in the last piece as a single goal one sided slaughter.

Not everyone, it seems, agrees with us.

Warburton thinks the gap has closed since the 5-1 game, in complete ignorance of the facts and in total denial of reality. The score line yesterday could have been at least that, easily, with the superiority of Celtic obvious in every single department. They didn’t test us at all. But for their keeper it could have been a cricket score.

The keeper himself, clearly suffering some kind of breakdown in logic and sanity, reeling from the sight of ten Moussa Dembele’s, fevered and in a weird kind of funk, thinks the gap is non-existent. In fact he believes his team “outplayed us” for parts of the game.

I’m curious to know exactly which parts he has in mind. Were they especially impressive coming onto the pitch or something?  Because during the 90 minutes, those in which the game unfolded and which had as the prize a cup final place, there was simply no doubt who the better team was and who outplayed who.

As I read on Facebook earlier, it might look like the gap is closing, but that’s only because we’ve just lapped them!

In reality, of course – a difficult word for them to understand – the game didn’t show a closing gap like Warburton says; it exposed an even bigger one than we’d perhaps thought at Parkhead.

They lined up with the extra man in midfield in an attempt to do damage limitation and but for the goalkeeper it didn’t work at all. Even parking the bus has limited affect against our front men.

One hack, writing for The Herald, agreed with Warburton and even with Gilks to a degree. He tried to dress it up as some kind of moral victory that had proved a point! Ha! He had obviously got the short end of the straw when it came time for hitting the free bar yesterday; he’s clearly been drinking the bottom shelf stuff in great quantities.

No-one rational believes that was a victory of any kind for them. Last season when we were knocked out of the Scottish Cup, I thought the media overhyped their performance to a ridiculous degree, and one that was always going to make for a rude awakening. The 5-1 game didn’t provide it, although it should have. It sounds like some people at Ibrox are content to go on strolling through fantasy land this morning. Good. We know what that means.

All that remains for us to do now is complete the treble; a win at Ibrox after beating them at Hampden and Celtic Park. Is that what it’s going to take?

Well that date is not far away.

But I suspect Warburton will be gone before it comes.

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