Scottish Football Has Had Four Years Of Sevco BS Spin

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Okay, so it’s coming up on December and Sevco have been “back in the top flight” for 3 months.

(They aren’t “back” of course, but we’ll move past that …)

What have they actually brought to it?…..erm……erm…..mmmm

Are you struggling to think too?

For four years we were told that their return would be the catalyst that the league needed, all would be well.

The same BS Spin and tactics they have used for years.

Let’s go back to the start, February 2012, when Rangers entered administration and we were told that it would be temporary. Hey, it had to be. Scottish football, especially Celtic would collapse without them. BS Spin.

The media. The governing bodies. This is the message they sent out to us all.

And everyone else said “Naw, you are wrong”

Eventually they were told they had to re-form, that the old club was dead. There were even discussions about them not playing for a season.

At no point did anyone initially suggest that this would be the same club. In fact, if you watch the footage from the BBC and STV during that time, or read the editorials, everyone was agreed that the club was dead and that the club being proposed for SFA and SPL membership was a NewCo. Ex-players talked about how sad they were at the club’s demise.

Then Charles Green and his cronies turned up, looking to make a quick buck from a fallen football club. The fans of what would become the NewCo were warned by everyone, by Sheffield United supporters too, that this man was a shyster, that he was in it for money and himself even when he (later) brought in the Sports Direct shark … they were warned but, remember what they told us at the time about that?

“What’s wrong with a billionaire being involved?” (Remember that?)

How could they have been so daft? Because they bought the BS Spin.

He had all the talk “incubate the heart.”

“We will be the richest club in Scotland.”

Blah blah blah….the fans bought it as did the sycophantic press and all of a sudden it was the old club, it was just a different company that owned it … and then a fresh round of BS Spin began.

If this “same club” were not in the top league then the Armageddon of Scottish football would begin. We recognised it for what it was.

Again we said “Don’t think so.”

We were told, “There is actually no mechanism for Rangers to be put in the bottom tier.” (Hugh Keevins, Clyde 1 2012)

And he was right. But then, this wasn’t Rangers …

It was all very simple when you looked at the actual rules and how it stood. They started at the bottom where all new clubs start. No-one has ever asked Keevins how he squares what he said then with what he says now … If he felt he was correct then how did Rangers, as the same club, get put there? He knows the answer. We know the answer.

The Survival Lie … it’s just BS Spin.

Yet anyone who’s dared question this over the years has been hit with crap like “Talk about your own club … you are obsessed.”

Same BS Spin and the bullying tactics that have been used for years, anything to stop people asking the pertinent questions.

Then the football actually started with this new club where they belonged, but a new narrative had been born, that they had been hard done by and everyone was against them. The clubs had acted out of spite. More BS Spin.

And throughout “the journey” we were continually bombarded with “it’ll all be better when they are back in the top flight, then everything will be OK.”

When they couldn’t win the Championship there was talk of league reconstruction. The clubs were having none of it, but that was OK because it “gave them an extra year to get their house sorted and all would be well.”

Same BS Spin. See the pattern?

As their extra year in the Championship started they had a new King, and once again all was great. “He is one of us,” they said, fans and the press together.

Transfer warchests. Front-loaded investment. Aim big. Spend millions.

“Over invest”….”children’s inheritance” phrases that were put out to show just how much of a new man he would be at the helm, but wait … because wasn’t he one of the men who lost money before with Murray at the helm? Wasn’t he one of the directors who served on the board with Whyte?

“Ah” came the reply “that doesn’t matter, he is a Rangers man.” And so those things, as well as his tax issues in other countries, were swept away with the cobwebs too.

BS Spin. All of it.

The things they believe in …. “He will ensure that we at least challenge Celtic.”

“Eh naw he won’t,” most of us replied.

There were no questions actually asked how much he paid for the club, or about why they are still dependant on “soft” loans … and what exactly is a “soft” loan anyhow?

Hey though, they are back, all is good, look at what they have brought to the table …

Which is what exactly? Other than BS Spin.

“Their football is great!” Well actually it isn’t. It is slow and predictable

“They have a great manager!” No they don’t. He has no pedigree, no football background.

“They have brought great players!” Erm no … that’s good copy for the press, but it’s just not true. (They were warned about Barton BTW.)

“They are ready to challenge Celtic!”


Yet all of a sudden their aim is second in the league, which, ahem, they will definitely get … easily.

All BS Spin. Tons of it.

If you need an example look at the fat sycophant Derek Johnstone, who seems to have the Sevco form of Tourette’s Syndrome; all of his answers revolve around a positive spin for them, even though when Chris Sutton faced him with actual facts about the manager he became a blubbering schoolboy …. because he and others have no actual answers to these issues.

All they have is the BS Spin.

David Campbell is a Glasgow based Celtic supporter who’s sick of the MSM. This is his CelticBlog debut.

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