Our Title Challenge, The Hacks And The Wisdom Of Hindsight

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Isn’t it funny how all the hacks are shamelessly backtracking on their predictions for the season?

Even those who tipped Celtic to win had to preface that assertion with statements about how Sevco would “run us close.”

How’s the league table looking tonight?

You remember when Brendan was appointed, and people like Marbles In The Mouth Brown were telling the world how it was a response to what was going on at Ibrox?

You know, the signing of a dozen players nobody had ever heard of, one the world had heard too much of and a couple who had disappeared for years like ships lost in the Bermuda Triangle?

This was the challenge for which we had allegedly spent millions on a manager, and handed him the budget to sign a top tier talent like Scott Sinclair.

We tried to tell these halfwits that it was clear Celtic had more on their minds than the band of free transfers and assorted misfits being put together like a shit Frankenstein’s Monster over in Govan … but no-one was listening to that.

They’d spent the summer telling everyone that Celtic would forever be on the outside of the Champions League groups, that we’d regressed to where we might never see them again.

Of course, that’s all changed now.

Brendan’s appointment took us exactly where we’d wanted to go, and the hacks are falling all over themselves to tell us we’ve got a team that’s too good for Scotland, that the challenge they’d talked about was never really on, and now, hilariously, they’ve realised that Sevco’s “expensively assembled squad” is as useless as a chocolate tea kettle and that the man with the magic hat has become Wailing Warburton.


Everyone is an expert after the fact. Even a Scottish hack can sound like Guillem Balagué if we let them change their minds on the hoof and pretend it’s wisdom.

If they’d done even the slightest research – like that which was being done over on the Johnjames site, who looked at every signing Sevco made, one at a time, and critiqued all of them and the squad as a whole – they might have known sooner, and told their dwindling band of readers, what the rest of us were already well, and alternatively, informed about.

These people have demonstrated over and over again that it really is possible to fool some of the Peepul all of the time; there are Sevco fans who still think this is all Warburton’s fault. I don’t like to dissuade them of that notion – he, after all, is the guy who’s signed this dreck and can’t mould it into a team – but he’s rooting around in the Bargain Bin here and that’s what’s on the menu at the club far into the foreseeable future.

A new chef might change the menu but the stuff in the freezer won’t be prime cuts; it’ll still be Farmfoods mince.

The title challenge, when it comes, will not come from Ibrox.

That’s not me being controversial, it’s not me stirring the soup and it’s not me looking at it through green tinted glasses. It’s a simple statement of fact.

You have to be stupid – wilfully or just plain thick – to have looked at that Sevco team and its hapless manager before this season started and honestly think a side full of journeymen and has-beens was going to simply breeze through the SPL and guarantee a second place finish at worst. It was a fantasy. I don’t know how anyone but those with child-like faith in the powers of a Magic Hat could ever have believed it.

Which begs one question; did our media really buy all this bollocks about the challenge or did they simply help to … sell it?

To a gullible support who’s money King needed so he didn’t have to spend his own?

Because from the outside looking in this doesn’t look like a screw up at all, more like a con job, like shilling nonsense like a PR firm to bring in customers without which the club would already be occupying the mortuary slab vacated by Rangers.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, when it’s genuine. When it teaches you something. When it’s not simply something you’re hiding behind, to cover for the fact you knew all along what the rest of us did and were simply lying through your teeth.

Myself and the other Celtic bloggers – as well as guys like JJ – keep on talking about “the gap.”

There’s another gap though; a credibility gap.

The one between the MSM and the Bampots grows by the day.

And we’re on the right side of it.

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