Trump’s Election “Normalised” Bigotry, So Of Course The SFA Can Hire Malky Mackay

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Today some sections of the media are claiming that the favourite to become the SFA’s new Director is none other than Malky Mackay.

Of course he is.

Because when your association is already reeling from scandal and mired in controversy this is the kind of choice you want.

I would not believe this from any other association in football; even those bent Latin American ones would be less inclined to draw to their own stupidity and epic moral corruption than the SFA. This has become so the norm for them …

The United States just elected a sexist and a bigot as President. So when people asked me this morning if the SFA could really hire a sexist and a bigot to be their Director I shrugged and said “Sure, why not?”

Do I like the idea? I think it’s ridiculous and disgusting and I think it would make Scottish a laughing stock and a pariah to any number of civic organisations which up until this point have been our friends.

Do I think public odium would stop them from doing it?

Of course I don’t.

It’s never stopped them doing anything.

Scottish is run by people who are morally bankrupt.

This decision wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

I just wonder what Cut It Out and Nil By Mouth and the various women’s organisations who have recently been brought to our sport would think of it, and I guess that the SFA probably doesn’t care either way. These are the people who helped Rangers’ last owner crash the club and then told the commercial partners of Scottish that the game was worthless without them. Who knows what idiocy they are capable of?

Malky Mackay is guilty of saying and doing some pretty repugnant things. This is not a secret; this is not Craig Whyte or Charles Green, who’s lives were partially hidden. Mackay’s career south of the border was almost ended by this stuff, a country which appointed Sam Allardyce as national coach.

But that’s kind of the point; is that the kind of scandal we want to set ourselves up for? Haven’t we had enough of that?

is always willing to wash away the sins of people like this, and that’s all well and good for the mercenaries at clubs who don’t give a damn about anything but profits and results.

The people who run national associations should be more far-sighted and above all that. Just because the English FA willfully walked into a cesspit – and paid the price for it – should we follow them? Are the SFA really going to be the latest organisation to give a nod and a wink to people with the most repellent personal views … because they might deliver? And by the way, if they can show me where his record of delivering actually is I will at least say he ticks some boxes.

It’s easy to predict what the consequences of such an appointment would be to the standing of our game, but then the same governing agency is perfectly to have a guy sitting on the board at who’s been convicted of tax fraud, and who hired as the club’s own head of recruitment a perjurer.

Anything goes, it seems to me.

This appointment would send a dreadful message about us to the world, but here in Scotland it would barely register on the “What!-o-meter” because those of us who keep an eye on this absurd bunch know all too well what stupidity and perfidy they are capable of. The sort  that would keep “conflicted” Campbell Ogilvie in his job. The sort that would get another bigot, Hugh Dallas, a safe berth at UEFA after they’d fired him for a sectarian email.

This is our association. This appointment would suit them right down to the ground, and the media is all in favour of it, even going as far as to insist we were on the verge of appointing him … like a single outlet would have let us get away with that or the fans would have accepted it.

Bravo Stewart Regan.

I didn’t think I could want rid of you more, but damn

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