Date: 29th December 2016 at 2:59pm
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Well, there’s something to cheer up Sevco fans as we get ready to take them on at home.

Form doesn’t matter apparently.

It did, until last week, when Sevco had won a few games on the bounce and we seemed to be “toiling” to win 1-0.

Then form mattered, and it was all on their side.

This morning, I hear it doesn’t again.

Numerous people are telling us this. The form book goes out the window in these games.

In a sport that works on ability, momentum and belief… all of which helps to define form .. in the realm of Scottish football it doesn’t matter.

Well sometimes anyway.

Over the past month Celtic have had a great deal of games, and won every one of them,  yet there were a few weeks there when we were being descibred as being “off form”.

Whereas Sevco were, until last night anyway, Barca incarnate.

The Scottish media really does believe all this stuff, you know.

That four straight wins made “great form” for taking on Celtic.

However now, with the derby looming, and Sevco dropping points last night whilst the Celtic juggernaught rolls on, even the hacks who have been working hard to promote the Sevco re-birth are being forced to admit that no-one can see anything but a comfortable Celtic win.

Ask the bookies what they think;  how often are they wrong?

That’s why this hoary old nonsense about “form goes out the window” is being peddled to give these muppets belief … and I mean both Sevco fans and the journos when I use that word.

This is only used with this game, by the way.

No other derby in the world gets this statement applied to it.

And its only, ever, tumbled out when we are dominant and when we are going in as favourites.

When the now defunct Rangers were dominating through financial doping and tax evasion, this never got said.

Cause they had form.

But it is being used now though, oh Hell yes.

Now, we all know that football can throw up surprise results from time to time but games are usually won by the better team, the in-form team. Check the results. Check the history. The form team wins this game most of the time. Even the hacks know this.

And that’s what they are so afraid of.

David Campbell thinks all this “the form book doesn’t matter” stuff is guff, and he fully expects form to prevail with a comfortable Celtic win.