Peter Lawwell Accused Of Sneering At Sevco Because He Told The Truth

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Today the media has been bothering me somewhat, but the best of my anger was saved for The Herald, who accused Peter Lawwell of “devilry” and mischief making.

Why? Because he described our club – his club, his own club – as being “well run.”

Apparently that’s scoring points. It’s taking a cheap shot at a certain other club which isn’t well run.

There is mischief making going on here, of course. It’s the paper who’s doing that though, not Peter Lawwell. I mean, seriously. Where does these people get off? To accuse of MD of stirring and trying to score cheap points simply because he told the truth?

To the credit of the writer, he accepts that Lawwell is right.

In fact, the article in question is about Sevco and their need to adapt to financial sanity. That need is undisputed, but the of it has come late, both to the club and to the paper. I can’t help but think this sudden interest in fiscal probity has come about since ’s UEFA revelations.

The creeping that this club is going to wind up in serious trouble, if it survives at all, has clearly come as a shock to some people. Now, reeling from that information – which most of us were already in possession of – the hackles are raised every time someone points out that they are the exception to the rule when it comes to football finance here.

Hearts, Aberdeen, St Mirren, Motherwell, Celtic, Hibs and others are all financially stable. They are all making money. We are not the first club to flag the fact that we’re in good health; all these clubs have announced it in public. Are they, too, sneering at Sevco?

Sevco should be sneered at. They are one of the only clubs in the top flight that simply refuses to adapt to reality. Like Rangers before them, they are consumed with the idea of spending money and trying to be more than they are.

Peter Lawwell is right to say that we are well run club. Ann Budge is right to say the same about her club and is right to say it about his. Rob Petrie should be equally proud. Two of these clubs have spent time outside the top flight, Hibs is now spending its second season in the Championship. Neither felt the need to do what Sevco did and spend a fortune in pursuit of getting an SPL berth. They were careful. They did the job right.

Sevco is a basket case. That’s no-one’s fault but there’s.

That some of their buddies in the media see everyone as sneering at them is pretty telling.

They earned it. We are sneering, but we’re also watching.

Woe betide the SFA if they get “special treatment” again.

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