Date: 22nd December 2016 at 6:48pm
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Aaaah. The Daily Record.

It’s been just over a month since I posed the question on this site; “Does The Daily Record Hotline Only Publish Calls From Imbeciles Or What?

Today that question is a step closer to being answered in the affirmative by the latest band of goons and delusional freaks who seem eager to put a big tick beside it.

Today these weak-minded fools are asking for sanctions against Scott Sinclair, for telling the media that he thrives on “being hated” and will do well in the Ibrox atmosphere. Cue mock outrage. Cue phony offence. Cue another stunning display of public stupidity.

For the record, some of those who call have intelligent points to make. Sometimes.

But always – always – any modicum of reason it might have brought to the level of debate will be annulled by the forum on which they have chosen to make it. Because who but a fool would think The Daily Record hotline is an appropriate forum to take reason or common sense.

It’s not for nothing that day after day they put the morons up front. They get the lead-off. Not to mention that the paper itself is trash unfit for purpose except in public bathroom cubicle spools.

If I wanted to make a comment about the inflaming of this fixture and the use of intemperate language I very much doubt I would choose to do it through an organ which has done more than any other to pour petrol onto the flames in the past.

This, after all, was the same paper which asked whether Neil Lennon or Hector the Taxman was the most hated amongst the Ibrox faithful. They used that exact word too, in relation to a guy who had already been sent bullets and bombs and attacked on the touchline.

When there are blogs and forums beyond counting – some of them quite sensible! – for people to have their say I will never understand why anybody would pay for the privilege of phoning a national newspaper hotline and having their point lost amidst the bar-beating of a lunatic ward, with a cretin’s post above it, and hogging the headline to boot.

That, in itself, suggest a fundamental tripping of switches somewhere, a failure to grasp concepts and logic and to comprehend.

Besides, is “hate” such an inaccurate word to describe the reception Celtic’s players are likely to get? Let’s not kid ourselves here, it will be loud and it will be vicious. When fans taunt players about being up to their knees in their blood, when they wave banners levelling the most disgusting and baseless allegations against our entire support and our club, when they gear up their voice boxes to mock those who died in the Great Hunger by telling the rest of us to “go home” – even those who live here, have always lived here and are prouder of Scotland than their Britnat redneck filth are – then no, hate’s not too strong a word and they’ll just have to live with it.

These people have tried to make a virtue out of hate, how steeped in it they are, how it is the thing that most clearly defines them. Scott has been in Glasgow less than six months and he’s intuited that already, but then it doesn’t take a chess grand master to figure them out. Just listen to them. Check out their forums. Read their views.

The Record has some brass neck running that, but these people have some brass neck in daring to raise the matter. Their own club has done more to build the atmosphere of hate than any I’ve ever seen. The pronouncements out of it earlier this year were diabolical. If the SFA didn’t act then they dare not do so now. The hypocrisy will generate anger like they wouldn’t even believe. Sevco’s so-called “official supporters organisation” dare not raise a murmur either; their own dance with the crazier elements in their fan base has been equally incendiary.

These people don’t get to lecture Scott Sinclair.

Hell, they would barely get to lecture Donald Trump.

If they want to start weeding out the haters they better start in their own house, or nobody will take a word they say even remotely seriously … even if they were saying it in other than a discredited arse-rag like The Record.