Sevco’s “Song For A Crap Striker” Earns A “Respectable” (Hilarious) 31st Spot In The Charts

Image for Sevco’s “Song For A Crap Striker” Earns A “Respectable” (Hilarious) 31st Spot In The Charts

Well, since they made such a song-and-dance (pun intended) of their efforts to get Song For A Crap Striker to top of the charts for Christmas, I thought it would be instructive to look at exactly where it ended up when everything was said and done.

They got to number 31.

On official charts.

Not some ITunes equivalent.

This reminds me in many ways of their “Record number of fans at a fourth tier game where a crisp packet blows into one of goals in the 83rd minute” records of yesteryear.

called their efforts “a late challenge” to eventual winner, Clean Bandit, who’s song Rockabye has already been top of the charts for seven weeks.

Hmmmm. “A late challenge.”

Interesting choice of words.

Does it still count as a “challenge” if you finish thirty places from top?

That sounds to me more like spectacular failure when whole of the national media is helping to promote you, Sky Sports News included.

Not even help of Crystal Palace fans and others (who’ve been using the song since before Sevco was born) did any good in the “final push.”

Who else thinks these guys should stick to harassing and bloggers? Sending threatening tweets to the followers of an all-girl group clearly provided some momentary amusement for these people, but now they can get back to business as usual.

This has a little bit like their league challenge did.

A feeble effort, supported by the media, and where they’ve finished so far off the pace they’re little more than a dot in the rear-view mirror.

How sad that this, like that, had to end in such ignominy.

The Festive Season hasn’t brought much cheer to them so far, has it?

And they still have the Hogmany Horror to come.

In Brendan (and the official chart countdown) we trust!

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