A Daily Record Hack Has Been Caught Spreading Anti-Celtic Hate.

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Remember, back in November, when I asked who the Hell Alan Clark was?

He self-defined as a “freelance journalist” who was in the employ of The Daily Record, and he had just published a puff piece on the Sevco AGM – without a single critical question – in which he took time out to have a pop at the Internet Bampots.

In the aftermath of that article, I was told to check out his links with a number of Sevco and Rangers fan publications.

I was not in the least bit surprised to find he had written extensively for them.

The Record had gone beyond simply employing closet Sevco fans, pretending they were impartial. They were actually going out and hiring guys who spent their free time writing nothing but the most sycophantic guff about their favourite club … and employing them to write nothing but the most sycophantic guff about their favourite club.

They’ve also been paying them to write anti-Celtic guff though.

But you know, hate runs so deep in certain sections of the Sevco support that it’s practically the default position on those sites and publications.

It was a matter of time before such a reckless employment strategy detonated like a nuclear bomb.

Yesterday The Record’s early edition was running a back page headline alleging that Peter Lawwell ran Scottish football.

The writer of the piece was self-same Alan Clark.

I wrote an article on it yesterday, calling it a conspiracy theory and dismantling the premise behind it, which was proposed by Stewart Gilmour, former failed chairman of St Mirren.

That article vanished from the later editions and from the online edition at some point over the course of the day.

Some on the Sevco forums speculated that a single phone call from Celtic Park had seen it spiked; they took the conspiracy theory and pumped it full of steroids.

Today we know better. We know exactly why Clark’s story was removed from the site, and why Clark himself can never again write another word for their title – or any other that wants to retain even the smallest, tiniest, shred of credibility and be taken seriously.

It’s because Clark has been caught, engaging in that old Sevco fan tradition, the one that saw the removal of the first one ever appointed to their board before the seat was even warm under his fat arse and which shames their club so consistently they might as well put FTP on the logo and have done with it.

He is an anti-Celtic bigot, who’s Twitter feed labels us in vile ways and has detonated a promising – in terms of Scotland; he could have been the Record’s last editor one day – career in the most spectacular fashion imaginable.

Isn’t it amazing that in the three days since I wrote a piece suggesting that the club ban that paper from Celtic Park once and for all that the case in favour of it has got stronger and stronger with every single minute that passes? The Record will probably disown Clark – it should – and try to pretend that it’s cleaned out the Aegean Stables of all the shit that’s in there … but with this paper there’s always more and more and more and more.

This one was always going to blow up in their faces; they hired a Sevco blogger to do anti-Celtic stories, without a shred of background investigation (or perhaps after much of it, who knows?) and so deserve the avalanche of criticism coming their way for it.

But really … what’s it going to take before they’re told to vacate their seats in the press box and stop kidding on they are a real news outlet?

These people hate us.

They make it plainer with every day that passes.

Time to stop giving them any benefit of the doubt.

Kick them out, Celtic, once and for all.

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