Big Sutton Is Right About Sevco. This Is The Time To Bury Them.

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Chris Sutton was a bully on the pitch, it was his trademark.

His move into the media has not changed him, why would it?

He has been a thorn in the side of his old club, he slaughtered Ronny Deila and consistently and repeatedly compared the team he played in to Ronny’s team.

It was unfair, but Chris was getting his opinion out there. That’s his job.

When Celtic fans complained, and a great deal did, we were told “just because he was an ex-Celtic player he shouldn’t be critical? His opinion is valid.”

Even when it was said that ex Celtic players don’t seem to be allowed to have green tinted specs, the same way that ex pros from other clubs are allowed, such talk was labelled “paranoia”. Remember too, that this criticism was when Celtic were winning the league.

Now Chris Sutton has said what he thinks about Sevco, and said that he feels that Celtic could, if they invest properly, put these clowns to bed forever.

He is right. We could. We should.

But Sevco fans are up in arms, they feel that Chris Sutton is just an ex-Celtic player who hates them.

It cannot possibly be that they are a shambles.

Its typical of these people who feel that they should concentrate on irrelevant issues that take the point off what is actually going on.

What does that remind you of?

It reminds you of how Rangers were always run.

Their liquidation and re-formation is a case in point.

No club, anywhere in the world, would be allowed to claim survival the way they have. They wanted to peddle that myth so they throw out how much everyone hates them, how its all other people’s fault, so they can get away with what they want to.

Look at their promotion of a song to a non-scoring striker in the lead up to a derby match that they simply had to win.

Really? What was that?

It sure as Hell was not about football. It looked like it was about one-upping the Green Brigade’s fund raising effort with Grace, yet they picked an ancient tune, sung by fans at least three other clubs, to honour a crap, third rate footballer. And how did their efforts to get the song to number one go? Disastrously.

As now after a game in which they had a decent 20 minutes only they want to focus on how “close” it was. It wasn’t close, We were better by miles and if Dembele scored when he hit the bar or Sinclair from the rebound, we would have gone on to score more.

Their arrogance and belief that they are entitled to win and better than everyone else is part of their culture and they feel that any criticism is unfair and everyone hates them.

It’s all about deflection of any negative issue.

Its how they operate.

In the past the only place info could be found was in the press and their influences in these places was such that they could control it the message. Now with social media and other news outlets people know what the truth is.

And the truth is, as Sutton has pointed out, that they are a joke and we have a chance to prove it by burying them, once and for all

Let’s take it Celtic.

David Campbell is a blogger and Celtic fan from Glasgow. He thinks Sutton is right about burying Sevco once and for all.

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