Sevco Just Can’t Get Through The Door To Reality And Do Things The Proper Way.

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The arrogance of Sevco and all related to them is quite astounding at times.

We know this.

But it is now becoming such that maybe we should worry for them?

James refers regularly to issues that come up with this club, and if I can be indulged, again, I would like to go deeper.

Look at the stories that have come out in the past few days, their pursuit of two loanee kids who can’t get games at Bournemouth or Granada, yet are going to be game changers for Warburton.

A statement by an ex player and manager of the club who says that Sevco should “spend more money” to compete.

Thats it, that’s the answer, taking chances on kids and finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

No one connected to this club seems to consider doing things the right way.

Its all about wanting – demanding, in fact – that a sugar daddy turns up and hands them a pot of gold.

It’s never dawned on them to do it right.

Get your house in order.

Stick to the rules.

Build. Grow.

No, that is beneath them … or perhaps we should say above them?

Given the history of their previous incarnation they still feel they are entitled. Just entitled.

Consider, again, that the Ibrox clubs have had three owners in 5 years.

At Rangers there was Craig Whyte.

At Ibrox they’ve had Charles Green and Dave King.

Not one of them put any money of their own in.

One is alleged to have committed fraud to own the club yet all were hailed, at the time of their appointment as “saviours” and their version of our own Fergus McCann, although none of them could touch that man. For all his faults he was and is an honest man who saved the club he loves.

After all these people have been forced out, and King will be the same, its all been blamed on them.

When the Sports Direct shark got  its teeth into the retail side it was hailed as the best thing to happen but now its his fault that they can’t perform.

We all know these issues.

When, however, are the Peepul going to stand up and say “lets do it properly”?

They continually compare themselves to us, which is grossly unfair to them.

We are better and too far ahead of them.

If, however, they compare themselves to Hearts, who have gone through their own issues with bad ownership and financial difficulty, and ask “how did Hearts handle it?” they might find answers they like. If they measure their ambition by the standards of that club that  would be even better.

Hearts re-grouped, got an owner in who knows business and is running it properly to become self sufficient.

Sound familiar? It’s how we handled our own financial problems.

We have to ask why can’t they see this?

What is blinding them to it?

Is it their perceived history, where they believe that they are the former club and as such demand the same protection that club received financially?

Is it the MSM who will not hold them to account?

Is it that fans who believe that they, and only they, know football and feel for their club like no other fans can and as such are entitled (that word again) to success without the hard work?

Its a mixture of the above.

Too many will see this as just having a go but the fact is we have to flag these things up, because no-one else wants to.

Until it is faced by those who can deal with it, we will dominate.

Yes that will be fun and we will grow, but sometimes however you must see past your own and to the good of others as well.

Believe it or not, this is advice. Hell mend them if they don’t take it.

David Campbell is a blogger and Celtic fan from Glasgow, telling Sevco to get a grip for their own good.

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