The Media Is Lying With The Very Suggestion That Hyndman “Snubbed” Celtic.

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Sevco’s new signing – make that their new loanee – arrived yesterday to the usual panoply of outright guff. Ludicrous headlines, comparing him to Pirlo – and where the article is a blatant copy and paste job from one published in 2014, are as barmy as they sound, trying to make a world performer out of a guy Bournemouth signed free and are letting go for the rest of the season for the same.

They can build this guy up all they want; unless he actually plays like Pirlo I anticipate only red faces all round.

They can embarrass themselves as much as they want.

But where I start to get arsey and annoyed is when they try to involve Celtic in their fantasy. When they say that this guy – who, let’s face it, none of us had heard of – “snubbed” us, then it becomes a pain in the arse we really don’t have to endure.

I looked back over the reports linking him to Celtic in March. The first thing that tickles you is how similar they are; they are word--word identical in many cases. Which means they all originated from one source. Let’s take a look at what we know.

This is a player who was barely out of the traps at Fulham; one of the reasons he decided to leave was that he wasn’t getting on the pitch. They offered him a contract extension but he wanted to leave. When he announced that he would be doing so an avalanche of reports appeared in the papers linking to him half of Europe’s elite sides.

All are strikingly similar.

Four clubs are mentioned over and over again.

Celtic, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United.

He ended up at Bournemouth.

Where he hasn’t played a game.

I think that he has better representatives off the field than a guy we’ve never heard of deserves. I think that a few well-crafted press releases were circulated to lazy hacks and the cut-and-paste nature of the modern business elevated them to something approaching “news.”

Actually, it was just another day’s stupid transfer speculation, quickly forgotten about.

Nobody at Celtic gave him a second’s thought.

We were of busy at the time, looking a and trying to decide on the future direction of the club.

The can spin whatever fiction they like if it doesn’t impact on us; here it has to be challenged. He was “heavily linked” with a move to us when his contract expired. That’s somewhat different from having been presented with an offer, or even with us being interested in making one. The only “proof” of our interest that appears to exist are those headlines which seemed to be designed to spark an international bidding war a guy who had played 24 games in his pro career.

I understand the need these garbage stories. The Sevco fans don’t know the first thing about this guy except that he’s not kicked a ball in anger for his current club. So the pulls this out of its arse. Oh he “snubbed Celtic” and now he’s at Ibrox.

It’s pitiful. It’s a lie.

And maybe some people are happy living with lies swirling around us, but it’s not good enough.

It’s unacceptable.

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