Date: 11th January 2017 at 5:06pm
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Today has been an amusing one for the followers of Sevco, because some wag has snapped a photo of Celtic Park with a little structural damage on the side of a stand; a single panel has blown out in our freakish weather.

Nothing that doesn’t happen all over the country, but it’s given them some momentary amusement, which they need, as their club bleeds.

We laugh at Sevco a lot. It’s only natural that they should milk wee moments like this for all they are worth.

Except that when it comes down to it they’re not worth that much.

It’s an embarrassment actually, and they should be cringing.

See, when we mock them we do so from a position of strength. From security. From a place where we’ve got nothing to worry about, and so can turn our attentions to frivolous things.

Back in 1993 and 1994 when the Sunday Mail was publishing pictures of hearses outside Parkhead, our fans had more on their minds than worrying about what was going on at Ibrox. Had that place been falling down around them we wouldn’t have been interested; we had too much going on at home, too many more pressing matters to concern us.

Our club was dying in front of us, and we were fighting for its survival and soul.

What the Hell are the Peepul doing, as their own lurches from drama to crisis?

Laughing at Celtic.

A club 19 points – and a game in hand – clear of them in the SPL table and who’ve just spent more on an under 20 player than they have on their entire football squad. If their club was available for sale right now we could buy the lot for half the price we’d get for Dembele.

I am glad they’re focussed on the structure of Celtic Park. The structure of their entire club is a rusted hulk, and whereas the little piece of damage we’ve sustained today doesn’t look great it’s a cosmetic issue only. Their stadium safety certificate is imperilled by issues there. The wellbeing of fans and others is endangered by them. The difference is not a slight one; it’s comparing a sinkhole to an asteroid impact crater.

And the metaphor is apt.

If something goes wrong over there that’s what the damage will be like, an extinction level event for them.

There’ll be no coming back from it.

You’d think, you’d honestly think, they had more to occupy their minds. You’d think they would be organising, demanding answers, using their social media presence for something positive, something that directly affects them and which makes their situation better.

Are they just lazy? Stupid? Ignorant? Is it ego or something else?

Whatever it is, it’s served them abysmally thus far. They’ve seen the club they love die and the one they follow now is on the bones of its arse and getting short term loan deals to go with the short term loans which are keeping on the lights.

They should be shitting themselves about what all that means.

Instead, they’re focussed on this.

Long may they continue to do so.

Talk about fiddling whilst Rome burns.