Do Celtic And Sevco Have Different Rules About Jumping Ship?

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Last week, Lee Clark left Kilmarnock to go to Bury.

Did anyone ever doubt that he would “jump” at the chance to go down to England again? Eh?

No of course you didn’t.

We are consistently and repeatedly told that players and managers use Scotland as a “stepping stone” to England, even also rans like Bury because its a better league, its more money, and this is something that even the best team in the country, Celtic, must accept.

Except for one club. Of course.

No-one who is currently living in Scotland is unaware that there was an incident last week at Sevco, where the management team allegedly resigned, or were sacked, or got a new job that turned out not to be there at all … whatever … anyway they ain’t there no more.

One of the reasons why – if you believe Dave King – is that they expressed disloyalty and said they only wanted to use the club as a “stepping stone.”

Which you’re simply not allowed to do if  you are at Sevco.

Seriously, the MSM and the Sevco proletariat are astounded at this, they see this an utter slight on them and the whole of Scottish football. How arrogant do you need to be, how wrapped up in your own wee bubble, do you have to get, before you think the rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply equally to you?

At the same time, people in side Ibrox can whisper to the media that they are trying to attract big names from south of the border to come up here and take on various roles at the club. What are they going to tell them in interviews? “At no time must you ever leave, or hint that you want to”?

Never mind that Brendan is months into his Celtic job, at his boyhood heroes, and we have been told “He wont be here long.”

Wait and see what happens if Wegner leaves Arsenal. We’ll have weeks of speculation unless they name the new boss on the same day, and all of it will be garbage.

Brendan will be here for “two years max” according to a certain football phone in, as if we have to accept it. As if he’s not already said, and his assistant has said, and the people around him have said, that he’s developing a plan for the next five years and beyond.

We are an extraordinarily well run club, and we have to live by this ridiculous “rule” but a shambles of a club with delusions of grandeur, holding on to the previous incarnation, with no money and no strategy at all except “somehow qualify for the Champions League and it’ll all be alright …” they don’t?

We know that Brendan will not be manager for the rest of time, as we knew one day Henrik Larsson would no longer be old enough to play football. We accept it because we’ve seen it before; Jock Stein moved on, and we survived. Brendan is on the verge of something special and it won just be couple of years.

He will build a legacy.

Sevco stumbles from one crisis to another.

Whoeever the new management team are over there I’d advise they stop thinking of stepping stones and get themselves some life jackets.

David Campbell is a Celtic fan and blogger who’s throughly sick of the media’s double standards.

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