“Genius” Who Wasted £400,000 On Sevco Shares Warns King To Spend Or Get Out

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Aaaah Kieran Prior … where have you been?

I this guy, I really do. He pops up every now and again, and the media falls over itself to print his opinion. They gush over him, a guy who worked a major investment firm, and has “one of the highest IQ’s in the world” and yet thought Sevco was a good investment.

The last time he was in the was this time last year, almost to the day. What is it with this guy? Does he have a PR firm that’s contractually obliged to put out a press release every February, just so people remember that he actually exists?

Did those press releases used to carry his alleged IQ? The Daily Record still has articles up putting it at 234. I once checked that claim out, so amused was I by it. No-one knows where it came from, but it would have made him smarter than Einstein. Smarter than Stephen Hawking.

It would have elevated him far above all his peers … and put him in the top five smartest people ever to have lived.

I laughed too.

It’s the normal reaction when confronted with something so obviously ridiculous.

Allegedly one of the five smartest people ever to live, who worked Goldman Sachs (like tens of thousands of other people; odd how they just leave it at that, and never probe which trading department he worked for – a few were involved in major scandals), and who apparently has tremendous personal wealth, he thought spending such a large sum of money on a skint Scottish football club whilst Charles Green was running it was a smart move.

They ought to take away your Mensa membership that.

Give you one Densa instead.

He’s never been terribly impressive, but today he just sounds like an idiot, demanding that Dave King put his hand in his pockets or leave. A lot of people are saying the same; that’s not the point. The point is that this guy once talked the same garbage about sinking in millions and he ain’t ever bothered beyond that initial share purchase.

If he wants the club to succeed, how come he doesn’t offer to join the board and take up some of the slack?

There are guys who are at the club, on the board, who are making a contribution. They, in fact, are all that’s keeping the lights on. What’s this guy done except get his face in the once a year? If I were a Sevco director I’d be telling him to keep his nose out.

Yet this is the thing with so many people on the periphery of the Ibrox operation, including many in the media. They are just great at spending other people’s money. When King took over he made some ridiculous promises, but the way they had their hands on his wallet – and have ever since – is pretty shocking. Instead of living within its means like other clubs have to, people connected with this one are always making these arrogant demands.

Idiotic ramblings and self importance aside, Kieran Prior is not actually stupid. It’s obvious why doesn’t part with more cash, as it’s obvious why guys like Jim McColl never have. They know it’s throwing good money after bad, they know it’s madness, and they want nothing to do with it. Prior is a shareholder, so he’s entitled to his view, but he’s posturing, asking King to do something he’d not even consider doing himself.

If he’s really the he (and others) claim him to be, he will know that what this club needs most is to get a grip of its expectations and spend some years retooling them to what’s actually achievable in reality. The more he mouths off, spouting the most ignorant nonsense, the less seriously you can take him. But he’s not the only one, too many are still clinging to the last hope they have left, that somebody somewhere “invests” in this shower.

It’s not investment when you are throwing good money after bad. You’d be as well pouring it straight down the drain. Real businessmen won’t do that, which is why only misfits and those in it the love have gotten involved in the club these last few years.

So unless there really is a Real Rangers Man out there with billions in the bank and a King Billy tattoo on his backside, someone who fancies putting millions without end into a four year old football club that’s appropriated a dead one’s name and identity … I think they’re humped.

Kieran Prior knows that too, one suspects, and he’s not a Real Rangers Man, by the way. He’s a Manchester United supporter, who discovered Sevco whilst growing up in Dublin. The last time he was in the papers, offering an “educated opinion” he was demanding that King simply tear up the Sports Direct deals and declare them void.

Clearly his superior intellect has never bothered to learn about basic contract law.

You wonder how much he really knows about finance, he or the manager who’s “City background” was once touted as a positive because he “could help the club with its accounting” (guess which newspaper dreamed up that gem?) and who seems to have no real grasp of it either.

What a mess they are.

They are the gift that just keeps on giving.

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