Sevco’s Drama Deepens Into A Crisis. The Whole Club Is Sinking.

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When Sevco “let go” Mark Warburton earlier this month were just behind Aberdeen, and still in a good spot for securing second. In the space of a couple of weeks the gap between those two sides looks like becoming a gulf. Hearts are within touching distance with a game in hand.

Before the end of next month Sevco may be out of the cup and fourth.

How good does King and his board’s decision look tonight?

The word “disaster” barely seems adequate to the moment, and to the crisis facing them.

If are taking the long-term view they will leave Murty in charge and try to get through this. If they act precipitously (again) they will deepen the hole they are in. Their club is already in chaos, they risk turning that into freefall. They claimed they would “take their time” and “bring in the right man.”

The pressure on to make a rush appointment will now be acute.

If are sensible at all they will resist it.

But Hell, boys and girls, friends and neighbours, when did ever do what was sensible?

Inverness Callie had not won a home game in five months. were bottom of the table before tonight.  Think on that for a moment. This is no longer about Sevco’s inability to beat teams in the top six; right now anyone could take this team. And they are lining up to do it.

Sevco from Glasgow will travel back tonight in total despair, and that’s how it should be. In despair you can sometimes find answers if you self-examination honestly and in an open minded way. If they do that they will realise how much trouble they are in and where it emanates from. I said earlier those had done the most basic thing in football tonight; they went to watch their team, and they should be satisfied with being able to.

Because anything else right now is sheer fantasy, and dangerous fantasy at that. That result tonight was all too predictable, and their performance every bit as honking as most people expected. Their players are almost uniformly useless, and the conduct of Kenny Miller in questioning the stand in boss’s tactical decisions was that of a guy with way too high an opinion of his own abilities and place in the Grand Scheme of Things.

If King has any sense he will cut this wannabe leader loose or risk him undermining the next boss from the off.

That Inverness team tonight had not one player of genuine quality in it, save perhaps for Tansey who had an excellent game in the middle of the pitch and opened the scoring. Billy McKay, who scored the winner – albeit with a magnificent goal – is an SPL level striker.

They are a thoroughly wretched team, limited in every aspect … but they had the measure of Sevco here.

Graeme Murty looks like a drowning man, but that was all too predictable.

It can’t have helped him to read, during the week, strategic leaks out of Ibrox informing him via that people inside the club don’t trust him to take the team to Celtic Park; why the Hell should the guy give his all and work his balls off when he’s already been undermined this way?

That’s how things are done over there.

I don’t anticipate him being in post by next weekend. If last week derailed The Grand Plan this result will shred it. Expect some Real Rangers Man – and I have a candidate, and I strongly suspect I’ll be right; John Brown – to be there when the team plays St Johnstone next week.

This is beyond a crisis for them.

They are floundering in a foamy sea.

This whole club is drowning, and we’re standing on the decks of a passing ship throwing the rubber rings between ourselves and eating jelly and ice cream.

There is no end in sight to this.

It’s wonderful.

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