Date: 2nd March 2017 at 8:10pm
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Following Celtic’s 4-0 demolition of Inverness last night Celtic have won 22 successive league games and as usual the SMSM and fans of other clubs are throwing their tuppence worth in about the competitiveness of the Scottish game.

And our leader, Brendan Rodgers must be giving up giving damns for Lent because not a single one has been given by the boss recently.

Like you and I, he’s not overly concerned by what others think; all he’s concerned with is that the Green Machine is going like a dream and there’s no sign of them letting of any steam. What a team.

Rodgers concerns himself with Celtic and Celtic only.

He’s paid around £2m per annum and is worth every cent. He’s not here to bring Scottish football up to the level that Celtic is attaining.

Other clubs are responsible for that, for the standards of their own football, for the state of the co-efficient, for what has gone wrong.

The others are falling flat on their faces in a bid to finish second. It’s like Aberdeen, Hearts and Sevco are inebriated and trying to pogo-stick their way to the coveted and now much lauded second spot. They are falling over themselves in the process.

My money is on Aberdeen incidentally with Sevco getting bronze and Hearts, well…who knows?

Let’s get this straight. Rodgers has a vision and it’s not just to win the league or even the treble. Going unbeaten all season? Well, that would be the cherry on the cake but Brendan’s real focus is on the longer term.

He wants Celtic to carry the flag for Scottish football in Europe.

After the caning of ICT he said when asked about Celtic’s dominance and how it’s affecting the Scottish game:

“I’m not really worried, to be honest. Some people will say you need more competition to do better in Europe. I don’t necessarily agree. We work hard, you can only beat the opponent in front of you. We’re developing our game, that’s the most important thing.”

He constantly cites development in interviews and it’s about bringing Celtic once again to the fore in Europe. In some ways our Champions League exploits were disappointing but overall there were glimmers of hope and it was early in a momentous season.

Brendan wants to be up there with Stein and O’Neill in terms of Europe. If he can get to the Champions League next season and qualify out of the groups then that’s a step further than this year.

Should the team keep improving then it’s achievable.

Celtic fans are under no illusions that it’s going to be difficult but given added cash and players then we’ve a fighting chance.

If not, a run in the Europa may suffice for him. Maybe.

When questioned after last night’s win he drew on this saying:

“I know what level the guys are playing at. We demonstrated that against Manchester City – we were the first team to stop them winning. Us, from little Scotland were the only team they didn’t beat in the Champions League. So the league might not be that prestigious. But we’re playing at a really high level. They’ve got tremendous appetite.  A phenomenal performance from the start of the season. But we’re never satisfied. We keep looking to improve.”

Celtic continually turn the screw on opponents in Scotland. In the first half last night I thought they looked sluggish up until Sinclair’s wonder strike but again they showed what a force they are.

Indubitably, last night’s game was certainly a marker for the Hoops.

Inverness were of course the last team to salvage any points from Celtic – over 6 months ago – and the media were desperate for the same result. It’s oozing out of them.

They’re bored of Celtic’s streak but let me tell you frankly – I’m not. Any Celtic fans that utters these words should be made to do the Paradise Windfall in the scud.

Rodgers said previously that the team would improve after this performance. They have, enormously.

Whether the SMSM want to pick the bones out of the Scottish game that’s up to them – the fans are free to criticise too. They bemoan the money Celtic has which is fair enough. Celtic got to where they are because of years of prudence and wise spending.

Let people complain as they like. But was should never fault any Club with genuine ambition and since the introduction of Brendan and his team ours as fans has grown.

Brendan Rodgers is here to take Celtic to the next level and like him I’m giving giving damns up for Lent.

Gavin McCann is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow who doesn’t give a damn any more …