Brendan’s “Propaganda” Dig At Sevco Was Spot On. These Arrogant Sods Thought It Would Be Easy.

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Imagine you were sitting in a nice restaurant or bar about to have dinner, the day all planned out and splendid, and just as you were taking your jacket off a guy came into the place and single-handedly changed the atmosphere in an instant.

Shouting. Showing off. Tossing insults at the staff. Walking up to tables and making off-colour remarks.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all seen it.

Some geezer who thinks he owns every room he ever walked into, and who can’t helping but draw attention to what a twat he is.

Then imagine some little guy who you hadn’t even noticed got up from his own seat, walked right up to this loudmouth and told him to shut it or bring it, and in an instant burst his bubble. Imagine watching him slope off, his bluster turned to blubber. The boy who’d gotten up and done the business wouldn’t need to buy his own drinks all day.

Everyone loves to see one of those silly sods put back in his box.

That’s what we did to Sevco when they came to Parkhead for the first time this season; we popped the ego bubble. It soon re-inflated; that’s the one thing they do have in good supply over in La-La Land; an endless store of hot air. They really do think they’re something.

But like the guy in the story, it’s a front. All show. It has the substance of a fart.

Brendan is getting stick in the media again today for having another pop at them; I keep on saying it, but if the media is going to keep asking this guy leading questions they should not complain about the answers he gives them. Brendan is not afraid of these people, he knows exactly what they are up to, and he is also unafraid of Sevco. He answers truthfully; he knows they are a shambles, a bad joke, a loud-mouth with nothing to back it up and he says so.

This summer was like an extended version of the pub scene before the little guy got up. You couldn’t pick up a newspaper or look online without seeing some brash, arrogant prediction, some raving loon going on about how impressive their squad building was, how after the cup semi-final penalty kicks win over us they were “ready” to challenge us.

Every other team in the country was an afterthought, relegated to the status of “also rans”. Nobody bothered to wonder if they might have something to say about all this, if they might not be quite so ready to roll over and play nice like the media expected.

We’re not the only club who’s punctured the ego bubble over there this season. They have dropped a lot of points independent of us, but the disrespect is still there in spades. Only this week Waghorn said they’ve improved since we played them at the start of the season. Really? He also says their confidence is high on the back of good form.

Is he serious? Should he have his blood pressure checked? Because that is raving lunacy if you ask me.

Their “great form” is two wins. One of which was secured in the last minute after they’d thrown away a two goal lead. This guy is howling at the moon, but this is what Sevco does, what it has done consistently for five years, no matter the reality.

They are “the team to beat” according to him. What utter garbage, what disrespect to every other club in the land, some of whom have given us tougher encounters over the course of this campaign than his squad of no-hopers and no-users.

This is the thing about their propaganda; they really do believe in it. This is not Comical Ali, standing telling the world that the invasion of Iraq was being repelled as American tanks rolled into the frame behind him; this is a guy standing in a psych ward dressed in his underpants and giving a speech, believing that he really is accepting the Presidency.

Shutting this lot up on Sunday will be sweet, but I have no doubt that it’ll last but a brief time before we’re hearing, again, how they’ll do this and that and the next thing, and with a new manager at the helm it’ll be re-resetting the clock and blah blah blah.

And I understand this, in part, because the media has fed this egotism and the club itself is so steeped in it that it’s no wonder a guy like this has seen his head swell until it is far bigger than any talent he possesses. His arrogance is revealed in his statements to the media, but also in the now infamous video of him challenging a kid in the middle of the street … and like the loud-mouth in the bar tale backing off when it became clear he wasn’t intimidating the guy in front of him.

Their whole club is like that, which is why my mind reels when I see gutless teams go to Ibrox and play the way Hamilton did the weekend just past. Any team that has a go at this lot will beat them, and we’ll do a lot more than just have a go on Sunday.

This season, we’ve done our talking where it matters; on the park.

All week long their fans and their players have been giving it the big ‘un. “Bring it on,” they say.

Well on Sunday we will.

Oh how we will.

As a favourite character of mine once said, “Life is pain. That’s all it is.”

More of it is coming their way this weekend … and they deserve it because so many people inside Ibrox are awfully good at bragging and posturing … but have nothing to back it up.

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