Do Sevco Dare Appoint A New Boss Now When We Still Have To Face Them Three Times?

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Imagine you are Dave King.

Hard to do, right? For one thing you probably don’t have a genetic disposition towards lying your ass off. You’ve probably never defrauded the tax man or risked prison. You probably don’t have the kind of issues he has with getting along with people.

But try it for just a moment.

Tonight  you’re in a bit of a quandary; what do you do to resolve it?

The quandary comes down to one simple thing. We’ve played his side three times already this season and we are three for three. We play them again in a week. This time in seven days we’ll be four for four. A trip to Ibrox still awaits us, and now there’s a sojourn to Hampden coming up too. In short, we will have played them six times before this season ends. Mark Warburton was sacked, in part, because he lost three of those games.

They are due to appoint his replacement soon, perhaps as early as this week.

What if they do and his record, when the season ends, is the same as Warburton’s?

Played three, lost three?

Defeated at home, Celtic Park and Hampden.

Who amongst their support will have any faith in his ability to beat us next season?

Has there ever been a worse start for a Glasgow boss?

Christ, if we win the opening match against them in the next campaign, and we’ve gone six wins in six games, he pretty much has to win, or his neck is in the noose.

Can you imagine it?

We can plunge their whole management team – their new management team – into crisis before this season ends.

It’s not inconceivable that Brendan could see off two Sevco managers in his first campaign in charge.

This puts Dave King in one Hell of a bad spot.

Does he go with Murty, and make him the sacrificial lamb for another three defeats, or does he appoint someone who will have to do something with this wreck of a team and risk the worst of all possible starts?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

Bet your glad you don’t have to be the one to take it.

Try it for a momnet.

Imagine your Dave King.

Heavy, isn’t it?

You starting to sweat yet?

Course you have.

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