Gordon Parks “Opinion Piece” On Brendan’s “Obsession” Was A Triumph Of Utter Ignorance.

Image for Gordon Parks “Opinion Piece” On Brendan’s “Obsession” Was A Triumph Of Utter Ignorance.

Gordon Parks, you utter eejit. You complete idiot.

On my day off too.

Someone set me this muppet’s latest piece in The Sunday Mail today, on Brendan Rodgers and his “obsession” with going through a domestic campaign unbeaten.

He thinks our manager should abandon the idea, and give youth a chance.

His logic is that of a drunk who thinks he’s sober; you know those annoying folk who refuse to accept that they’ve had too many even when they are blowing bubbles as they talk. His article is riddled with paragraphs that boggle the mind, such as this one:

“For all the praise thrown Rodgers’ way for his transformation of a team which is unrecognisable from Ronny ’s reign there are still some signs of a managerial naivety … A coach with no track of lifting is asking the same to produce for him time after time. With the exception of this season’s League Cup, the Irishman has never been in the winner’s enclosure and he’s learning on the job what it takes to guide a team the line …”

I guarantee you this; if Brendan thinks he needs advice on being a winner he’ll certainly not stop off at the offices of Keith Jackson, Gordon Waddell and this moron for it.

Managerial naivety?

Is this guy for real?

Rodgers had three years in the EPL and he was learning on the job for the whole time.

This is an article reeking of spite and presumption.

I think there’s merit in allowing some of our top a spell on the side-lines but Park has chosen to write his article in such a thoroughly unpleasent, patronising way that grates like fingernails raked down a chalk board.

The organ of choice isn’t exactly endearing anyway; he and his paper should stick to what they do best and get their tongues at the ready for caressing the crack of the bullfighter’s backside.

They are so far up it already you can see Keith Jackson’s eyes when Caixinha opens his mouth.

There is no way in Hell we should give up on our ambition to go through the domestic campaign unbeaten.

No way.

It would be an historic achievement; only one side has ever done it before, and they didn’t play a fraction of the games we will before this season is done. I know exactly why a piece of history like that would infuriate the hacks; it’s all the more reason for our to push themselves and get that line.

Since Park enjoys handing out advice in such an arrogant fashion, he won’t mind if I offer him a little myself; stick to what you’re good at. Manning the phones and dealing with the assortment of goons who frequent the column you edit. It’s where you belong.

It’s your finest work.

Your version, if I may be so bold, of the winner’s enclosure.

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