King Releases A Blatant Lie And As Usual The GulliBilly’s And Media Swallow It Whole

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When I wrote today about King’s claim that Sevco was “back in profit” I mocked the assertion as a “shabby, easily knocked down, con-job assertion.” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it wasn’t quite as to knock down as I had anticipated.

Not if you’re a Scottish or a Sevconite blogger anyway.

At the time of this, the following news outlets are running the story and accepting King and the club’s spurious and wildly inaccurate claim:

The BBC.



The Daily Record.

The Sun

The Sun has called them “unaudited accounts” in the headline, and it doesn’t repeat the assertion that the club is “in profit” but that’s as good as it gets them, because as you can see in the first paragraph they repeat this baseless assertion there anyway.

That’s the five biggest media outlets in the country, and every single one of them has run this as if it were a fact and not disprovable (all you have to do is actually read what the accounts say) claptrap. Laziness? No, this isn’t laziness. It can’t be. I popped my blog about this hours ago and at CQN has said the same. The facts are there in black and white and at least one of these outlets should have picked up on this blatant lie by now.

It is subservience and pandering reasons unknown.

Ibrox Noise, the weblog of the deranged Sevconuts has run the same headline, and essentially swallowed the same lie.

Why do so many people simply take Dave King’s word as gospel without doing the most basic fact-check first? I can understand how this got past them initially – they are gullible idiots, all of them – but that it’s yet to be corrected is just damning.

Take a look at those reports. Then take a look at this:

You know, those in our media who simply couldn’t bothered.

It makes you wonder what our press is actually for, except disseminating lies.

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