The BBC Twists The Language Again In A Fresh Bid To Support The Rangers Survival Lie

Image for The BBC Twists The Language Again In A Fresh Bid To Support The Rangers Survival Lie

What do you know? In the wake of today’s judgement in the Kinloch vs Corals case, which made it clear that Rangers was liquidated and not relegated the BBC has dropped the R word from its coverage. You know what they’ve done?

They’ve replaced it with another R word; removed.

Sevco was “removed” from the SPL.

There is no name on this particular piece.

It is published on the Glasgow & Central Scotland pages.

No wonder. Who would actually put his or her name to such a flagrant piece of dishonesty? Removed?

That’s a bigger lie than to say they were relegated.

Nowhere, in any definition of what happened to Sevco, is that word applicable.

Even the SPL and the SFA would not dare to use such a term in reference to this. Removed implies that they belonged in the league. No-one has ever mounted such an argument. Even if you accept the Survival Lie – that Rangers didn’t die but morphed into Sevco – that term is not valid.

The SPL’s view on this is that it was simply a case of “changing the corporate structure”.

Even that does not imply “removed” in the context the BBC uses in this piece.

The SPL’s version is that Sevco Scotland applied for Rangers SPL “share” and the clubs rejected that. Sevco Scotland did not hold such a share or a place in the SPL.

They weren’t in any position to be “removed” from that league.

The law on this is iron clad and crystal clear.

Where we and the SPL differ is that, in their view, the club itself survived liquidation, but the SPL “share transfer” hypothesis isn’t disputed by anyone. When Sevco Scotland’s application was refused the SPL “share” was transferred to Dundee instead.

I am literally shocked that the BBC has chosen to write such an utter falsehood, one which isn’t supported by the facts or by a single source. It is the accepted truth, known to everyone, whether or not they accept the Survival Lie or the fact that Rangers died, that Sevco Scotland Limited held no SPL share or SFA membership of any sort. It had to apply for these things. It was not a member of either body, had no rights to claim one and thus had to ask permission to play in the top flight, which was refused, and then sought permission to play in the second tier, which was also refused. They were granted permission to start in the Third Division.

These are the facts of the case and they are undisputed.

By any of the parties.

The BBC has ceased here to report the facts and has taken to inventing them.

That is scandalous and they owe everyone in Scottish football an apology for publishing such misleading, frankly nonsensical, garbage.

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