Date: 17th March 2017 at 2:21pm
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Mark Warburton has sensationally accused Dave King and his board of lying about his departure from the club, and has said that eventually he’ll tell the full story.

That one will be worth waiting for.

This is one of the more curious events in the recent history of the Scottish game, and it says a lot for how savvy we’ve all become towards the Ibrox club and the way they are covered by the media that all of us, instinctively, knew the story about the “resignations” was a crock of the brown stuff before Warburton had even issued his denial.

Knowing how the directors at Ibrox behave, knowing how the media lauds them and every word they come out with it, it was all too easy to imagine them sacking these guys and then using the media to spread a convenient cover story.

Much has been made of how the three men have ended up at the one club, and that it just happens to be the one that they were linked to at the time, but whilst that’s good for blowing some smoke it has absolutely nothing to do with the law as it pertains to this situation.

Those guys had rights. None formally submitted a resignation letter, and this idea of “resignation by proxy” isn’t going to fly at a tribunal. These guys were entitled to due process; if Sevco wanted to fire them then it was obliged to do it the right way and by the law.

This club needs to learn that it’s not immune from the same responsibilities as every other one. I know they are led by a guy who’d be more at home in charge of a crime family, but there’s no need for the rest of the directors to act that way. He’s 4500 miles away; this “I was only obeyed orders” stuff isn’t going to wash in a court room.

Warburton did not miss them, and the warning is clear.

“I have got a legal process,” he told The Evening Times. “But what I can say is I have heard an awful lot of things that supposedly happened but none of them are true. From my point of view, I will follow the advice of the LMA who have been outstanding in their support. Let’s follow the process and when the time is right I am sure the details will emerge.”

Oh yes, I am sure they will too and when they do the full scale of the Sevco board’s mendacity – and in particular that of King – will be fully known.

Sevco fans have spent the last couple of days accusing this guy and the members of his backroom team of being “rats” and various other idiotic things. As per usual, they are running off their stupid mouths before all the facts are in.

I wasn’t a fan of Warburton; I thought he became a sneering paranoid before the end, but he and his people deserved better than this.

You can only wish him well in his new job and hope that he becomes the person again he was before Ibrox.