A Magical 90 Minutes Ensures A Glorious End To The Season.

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Well, wasn’t that special?

Yesterday was a fantastic day.

It’s a long time since I’ve been this hungover, but in truth I’m feeling no pain at all. That performance was sensational. All doubts were erased early in the game, from the manner in which we started, and there was no point during it when I felt we were in any at all. The team rose to the occasion fantastically.

The whole experience was epitomised in one player; Callum McGregor.

I said in the on Saturday that Ronny would be avenged, and I am thrilled that the man who grabbed the first goal was the guy he put such great faith in and made a first team regular. Callum has grown as a Celtic player, and yesterday’s performance was the proof of it.

His game was flawless. His goal was a thing of beauty. He was dominant, confident, skilful, going forward and tracking back. If he hadn’t been surrounded by such sterling performances he could have strolled off with the man of the match award.

But that belonged to Scott Brown.

He was peerless out there. all the big talk of certain players in the Sevco team – included the gutless fraud Halliday who was lucky to stay on the park – Scott, who made not one prediction in the run up to the game, owned the lot of them. Sevco fans who have spent the simultaneously moaning about his getting to play and telling us he wasn’t that great anyway will have been cursing his name last night. He showed his class and it’s far above anything they have in their side.

Patrick Roberts shone too. It’ll be a damned shame if that boy goes back to City to warm a bench or ends up on loan at some Championship team. He deserves the stage of the League. He belongs there, frankly. So does Scott Sinclair, who more and more looks like the bargain of the century. His penalty was so good it didn’t matter that Foderingham guessed right and got a finger to it. The power and pace of the shot took it home anyway.

Dembele was running things nicely up front when he went off. As one of the guys I watched the game with pointed out, we had last season’s top available from the bench … when you see the dross Caixinha has to work with that says it all. Leigh was typically excellent, winning the penalty and was unlucky not to score. So too was fellow sub Rogic.

But the day belonged to Brendan, and in some ways to Ronny. Because this is still his team. These still his players. It was impossible not to think of him when the full-time whistle went. This time last year we all knew the game was up, but he left us a great legacy and won two titles. In his first season, that treble was so close and diabolical refereeing robbed him of it … yesterday he will have been a very satisfied man watching that.

We all were. That is one of the most dominant displays I’ve seen from this team yet. We now just six games away from a monumental achievement and one away from a treble. The unbeaten run would be incredible but I know which one matters most.

Nevertheless, it’s all there us now and frankly, I don’t see who’s going to stop us.

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