Has The SFA Approved Sevco’s European License? Nobody Cares. Why Should We?

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Documents online tonight appear to show that Sevco has been waived through the licensing process for a European place next season.

In a sport where cared this wouldn’t have happened.

But we don’t have a governing body where is held to account for anything. We have one led by gutless wonders, made up of clubs without a microbe of backbone or possessing any semblance of self-respect, scrutinised by a media which is scandalously compromised.

No-one will ever be able to say the bloggers didn’t do their part. We raised this issue. We put it on the table. Clubs posted accounts, pointed to their compliance with Financial Fair Play, did everything above board and then sat on their hands. Some of them, like Celtic, like Aberdeen, took an “I’m alright Jack” view of this and carried on, not caring that one day we might find ourselves suffering as a consequence of the blatant corruption here.

Other clubs knew they might be – almost certainly would be – impacted and likewise chose not to bother. The game here, reeling from 2012’s scandals, has not moved on one fraction. No lessons have been learned. No changes of consequence have been made.

The same people run the show. The same incompetence runs rampant.

The clubs have failed their supporters. Utterly. Without question.

Celtic and can hide behind our respective successes; both clubs will sell season tickets, although on some level everyone realises that we’re buying into a farce. Other clubs will swallow this and the pain that comes from it and try to sell theirs anyway. Good luck with that.

I am tired writing about this subject.

I’m tired of feeling like one of the only people in Scottish football who gives a monkeys about it. I’m a blogger, and I’m a Celtic blogger, and for all my anger my club isn’t affected by this except in that the stink of it can’t help but taint us when we hold so much influence in the association that allows it.

I don’t know what the fans of other clubs have done or what they are prepared to do. Their silence is deafening, and frankly their failure to force their directors to hold people to account is embarrassing and they deserve everything they get.

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