If Caixinha’s Changes Were A “Masterstroke” How Come They Only Rescued A Point?

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When I wrote on Saturday afternoon about how the media was going to try and sell Caixinha’s bizarre tactical shift against Motherwell as some kind of move born of genius instead of a reckless gamble, I was thinking, in particular, of The Daily Record.

Well they did not let me down. Today Gavin Berry has turned in a gushing piece of backside licking that makes you laugh to read it. The headline on this piece described Caixinha’s move as a “masterstroke” and Berry is almost as effusive in his piece.

How predictable. How absolutely dumb.

I thought it was bonkers myself. Arrogant. A better team would have made them pay big time for a move like that, and by all accounts Motherwell should have won the game anyway. In the aftermath of the match Caixinha himself didn’t even try to defend it; in fact ,he made excuses. He said that it was an enforced series of changes because of injuries. Well if that was true why didn’t he bring on Senderos and put him at the back?

The guy has been in the door five minutes and already he’s blowing smoke.

Tell me something; how can it have been a tactical “masterstroke” if they were changes he forced to make? Didn’t he just throw players into un-natural and pray that it paid off? Isn’t that like throwing darts at a board blindfolded, like leaving it in the hands of fate and not so much a demonstration of brilliance?

Isn’t it just good luck as opposed to good management?

The media wants to have it both ways; they will use the “injury situation” as an excuse for his doing something so bonkers and suicidal, but hail it as genius anyway?

Hey, if it was such a genius move how come it only netted them a point? If it was so superb wasn’t it funny that nearly everyone at the game thought Sevco keeper Wes Foderingham was the man of the match, and that he kept them in it?

“The manager waved the wand,” Chick Young said of it. So we’re back to this guff, we? Are there no jet-skiing or bullfighting metaphors he could have used? Are they out of fashion now that some of us have pointed out that the first involves dancing about with a table cloth and torturing an animal and the second can be done at Loch Lomond by overweight holidaymakers from Germany, and so doesn’t make this guy Superman?

Is the media finished embarrassing itself with that stuff?

Finished enough that they back to embarrassing themselves with the old recycled Warburton crap?

These people setting themselves – and this guy – up for one Hell of a fall.

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