Our Top Target Is Wanted By EPL Clubs. What A Coup If He Chooses Us Instead.

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Over the last few days, we’ve seen numerous stories appear in cyberspace in relation to our alleged number one transfer target for the summer, Henry Onyekuru. These suggest, strongly, that we will have real competition for his signature. EPL competition.

This is both good news and bad news.

The bad news is obvious enough.

Their clubs can offer more money. They can offer him the ambition he has already stated he holds, the chance to play in that competition.

If he goes to one of the lesser clubs – those which aren’t going to be Champions League contenders or regulars in cup finals – he might even get regular first team football from the start.

We will find it hard to make a better offer than that.

Hard, but not impossible. Because there is a better offer and we can definitely make it. We can offer him 60,000 fans, Champions League football and the opportunity to win trophies.

If he’s willing to forego the big money at this stage in his career, to actually accomplish things and get his hands on some silverware, we’re the best offer he’ll get, anywhere.

This is his chance to show what his real ambitions are. If money is what drives him then he’ll go to England, where he’ll be a wealthy young man in short order.

Not that moving to Celtic would necessarily impoverish him, but he’ll never earn here what he could in the EPL and everyone knows it. But Moussa knew it too, and he chose Celtic Park.

I am optimistic about this. Brendan is good at selling Celtic; that much is already apparent, with players like Dembele and Sinclair coming to sign for us and a host of other players opting to lengthen their stays with the club.

These are huge expressions of confidence in the manager and his long-term vision for Celtic, and stand in stark contrast to events at Ibrox where players are rumoured to be unhappy and guys like McKay and Gilmour have refused new deals, something the media is trying hard to explore, and would be content to ignore far into the future.

Henry Onyekuru can tell us everything we need to know about himself with the decision he makes. I won’t decry someone the opportunity to pursue his career as he sees fit, but in the modern game there are two types of player; the sort who goes where the money is and the sort who wants to make history.

A rare few get to do both; for the rest it’s about a choice.

He says he will make his in a couple of weeks.

We await the decision with interest.

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