Sevco Fans Cry Conspiracy As Brown Is Ruled IN For The Semi Final

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Scott Brown WILL be eligible to play against Sevco in Scottish Cup Semi-Final,  because of the in scheduling due to this being Easter Weekend, and this has led to a mini-meltdown in SevcoLand, as natives scream “Conspiracy!”

Of course it is.

Who’s involved in this one? Easter Bunny?

has been done here, of a sort. Because decision to show him a straight red card is an outright shocker. It appears the appeal will be held on 27 April; that’s a week on Thursday, so he could still, doubtless, end up banned for Ibrox but we expected that.

Listen, decision was a disgrace. I have no faith in the SFA over-turning it. One club has been very successful this season when it comes to these things and it ain’t us. This isn’t, by the way, me alleging a conspiracy. I’m stating a fact.

Sevco fans really do need to get a grip.

Aside from discussions about this is a scandal – if they read rulebook they’d know it’s not – there’s discussion about whether he would even get into their team. They don’t rate him … but they are screaming blue murder because he’ll be allowed to play.

Want to tell me how that works?

Their howling is a product of fear. We know it, and so do they.

This one can’t be laid at anyone’s door; it’s way the rules work, so they ought to shut it and suck it up.

Sometimes timing of these things works for you; they should know; they’ve used the appeal system to their own advantage this season, so it’s a bit rich of them to start complaining now. They also appear not to be terribly familiar with the rules and how they work; you can bet your bottom dollar Celtic are.

These people just love a wee greet, it seems to me.

Tonight, there’s a lot of it.

Wait for next week. There’ll be a hell of a lot more.

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