The Sevco Fans Reaction To The Brown Decision Borders On Hysterical. It Is Dangerous.

Image for The Sevco Fans Reaction To The Brown Decision Borders On Hysterical. It Is Dangerous.

Yesterday, when was given the green light to play on Saturday I knew the reaction on the Sevco would be ridiculous. I knew the usual frothing at the mouth would be amped up to a whole different peak. I was right.

But what I didn’t expect – although I should have, because it’s been coming for some time – was the dangerous, hysterical, edge to some of the wailing.

There are people on Sevco talking about “civil disorder.”

Because a footballer has been cleared to play in a game against them.

Between the rabid paranoia of their board of directors and the rancid behaviour of a section of their supporter organisations, as well as ’s ridiculous pushing of the Victim Myth there really are a lot of them who believe in the most spectacular nonsense. Conspiracy theories are one thing, but the way these people are talking goes way beyond Celtic fans disputing the fairness of or the SFA. These nutcases think the whole world is involved in this.

And some of them want to lash out.

There is talk of “bringing to its knees.”

They’ve somehow conflated this into an election issue, as if the “right” sort of government would solve all their problems. Think on that for a second; they’ve taken to believing it’s “the system” that’s to blame for their club being skint and run by a crook. That this is all part of a grand to hold them down. If it is then Dave King has to be involved in it … but who can talk sense into people who believe in this level of nonsense?

But an election issue? Jesus.

Quite who they think deserves votes if they are alleging that this is a multi-stage attack on the scale they seem to believe I don’t know.

Because they don’t trust the Labour Party, because of “historical ties to Celtic.”

They don’t trust the SNP because of, well, everything.

They don’t trust the Greens. The answer is in the name.

It’s not clear if they blame the Lib Dems for any of this, but that’s cool as no-one trusts them anyway and you don’t need to invent conspiracy theories to feel that way.

And they can’t trust the Tories because if they are correct about the scope of this the Treasury would have to be involved, and when refused the club’s CVA it was George Osbourne who was sitting in 11 Downing Street.

These people really need to stop and think about all this garbage and try and come back to reality. They’ve been spoon-fed so much guff over the years that I’m not surprised that the real world looks so alien to them, but it’s about time they got a grip because life isn’t going to get any easier. The people who did this to them are those they lauded copiously for years beyond count, guys like Murray who boosted his own ego catering to theirs and now people like King.

If they hadn’t spent so long suckling on the teat of all this supremacist “We are the Peepul” claptrap they would have a better relationship with fact and logic and reason.

deliberately conspired to crush them? What, was the Revenue supposed to simply walk away from tens of millions of pounds in debts? Because it was Rangers?

Was the bank supposed to simply write off what it was owed? Because it was Rangers?

What planet are these people on?

Not the same one as the rest of us. Their delusions are warping into something truly dangerous.

I really hope the authorities are keeping an eye on this.

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