The Shocking Image That Sums Up The Ibrox “Stewarding” Operation Yesterday.

Image for The Shocking Image That Sums Up The Ibrox “Stewarding” Operation Yesterday.

There is an incredible piece of video footage at the bottom of this article, which everyone should watch and listen to. Because what happened – or could easily have happened – to Scott Brown is about as serious as anything we’ve seen since Neil Lennon was attacked on the touchline. It is profoundly disturbing, and there serious questions which arise from it.

But nothing in that video sums it up as completely as this:

That picture is astounding. Astounding. Instead of Spot the Ball, let’s play Spot The Steward.

This has raised the issue of the “volunteer stewards” operation at Ibrox.

No-one in our media cared to take the issue up or investigate it.

I even suggested that it would jeopardise the UEFA license, as it’s one of the criteria. Of course, this is Scotland and the were never likely to be terribly concerned about that, but I am going to send THAT picture to UEFA as an addition to what I already sent on this issue.

It ought to get their attention.

That is scandalous.

And speaking of which, the word doesn’t do justice to the guy who penned this:

That article is disgraceful.


Aye, if you standing in front of so overwhelmed by hate they can’t contain it.

Honestly, there people in Scottish football who would love it if something catastrophic had happened yesterday.

They would have feasted on it for years.

The rest of us horrified.

That image should be the first thing discussed when this matter is under review.

Watch the video at the link below.

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