The Sky Team Can’t Contain Their Enthusiasm As Celtic Are Cheated At Ross County

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Let’s be clear here; the end of that game was a travesty.

First, the penalty kick is a disgrace which Alex Schalk of Ross County should be absolutely ashamed, and made to pay the consequences. If there’s not a panel convened to review that, and severely sanction him for it, it will be outrageous.

Secondly, Brown’s red card has to be appealed, even if we hold out little hope it will be rescinded.

It too is a diabolical decision, clearly made with the next games in mind – against every refs favourite club.

This was the end to the game most of us were worried about, on a day when we didn’t really get out of low gear.

It was always going to be something like this that spoiled our preparations the game; I knew the second Boyce went down that the red card was coming out, and not because it was a particularly bad challenge. The penalty kick decision was a joke. It was obvious what we were getting for an encore.

Celtic can’t take this one lying down.

Those were ridiculous decisions.

As per usual, Sky only added to the occasion with the mock disgust of Andy Walker towards Brown, but not towards Schalk his dive. To be fair he called it exactly that, but there was no moralising and nor do I expect any from a guy with a history of saying that players cheating is a perfectly strategy. Even worse was the obvious glee of the ludicrously biased David Tanner, who for the first time in weeks can’t get the smile off his face.

Celtic are certain to appeal the Brown decision. The SFA is equally certain to reject the appeal. I’m also willing to bet that they convene the fasted hearing in living memory; there is no question of them letting it drag out enough him to be in the game next week. He might also be from Ibrox, we’ll see how that one pans out.

But nobody can say the Mibbery hasn’t done its bit the Ibrox club.

Honestly, it’s day like today that leave you furious.

That aside, one other thing was obvious from that game; Patrick Roberts has to start in the semi-final.

His display after coming on wholly justifies his inclusion. His goal was a moment of sheer brilliance. There should be no question about this; Brendan cannot have watched him and James Forrest and decide that my namesake has a better case.

Our unbeaten run is intact.

How long our officials allow that to remain the case is up debate.

Brendan was unmistakably furious after the game; he will keep calm and not flame the official in public, but I expect him to be scathing in front of the appeal board, which is inevitable in the aftermath of that.

Absolutely shocking. Those who’ve spent a season telling me to be of Honest Mistakes, well today we got two of the best.

And what an opportune moment them.

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