Two Celtic Transfer Rumours. Two Outstanding Answers.

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Today’s been another day for ridiculous transfer stories.

One involved an ex-Celtic player the second involved a current Celtic player. Add them to the plethora of crazy stories that have been doing the rounds lately, like the one yesterday about Brendan being interested in Emerson Hyndman. I thought that one was highly amusing.

The one which gave me the giggles today was the suggestion that Caixinha should go for ex-Celtic and Barcelona Marc Crosas.

The writer of that was certainly went out on a limb with it; he’s clearly never bothered to look into the player or anything about him.

You couldn’t hope to find a more vocal Celtic online than this guy; Crosas celebrates every win and mourns every defeat. He arrived knowing little about Celtic but quickly became a passionate advocate of our club.

He every second he spent with us and the love affair goes deep.

Someone sent Crosas the story.

Needless to say, the idea doesn’t hold much appeal.

You have to love this guy. He’s the Real Thing.

I never expected anything else.

Nor am I surprised by Kieran Tierney’s interviews after a weekend where the Man Utd rumours were rife. I could write another long screed on EPL arrogance, but it would be a waste of time and the young defender has already answered the central issue.

One report today said that all that had to be decided was the transfer fee … someone forgot to tell our player that. His answer to all of this is brilliant. “I enjoy every game for Celtic, no matter what game it is. That’s what I am here to do, play with a smile on my face.”

Does that sound like a guy who’s agreed to go and play for Moaning Mourinho?

This kid is going to be a Celtic legend. He might well end up the first Celtic player since the Maestro to be a one club footballer; he certainly talks like one.

The whole club is focussed on this treble, and they realise the enormity which would attend to completing a domestic season unbeaten, something only a handful of in the world have ever managed. Kieran wants to be part of it and what comes afterwards.

The whole does.

They know something special is happening.

Brendan has made it clear that he’s here for the long term. Kieran signed a new contract last June, a five year deal. He’s already expressed his commitment in a way that is clear-cut. Today he’s expressed in his personal love for Celtic.

So has Marc Crosas.

People like this are what make us great.

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